Saturday, June 4, 2011
The Silk Road Hunt 2 is now On 
Please Send us Your Photos to
1) Please include info below :) .
a) Shop Name
b) Owner/Creator
c) Shop number
d) Name for Prize
Thank You !
 OutSide ..
One of several views ((of amazing textures inside ))
short description:
Middle East House, 3 rooms, courtyard with water basin, 158 prims, one
linkset, incl. House Control (lockable doors, window shutters, big half
round window with texture changer (open / dim / close), size: 30 x 35 m,
House is copy, no modify, no tansfer
Salome design Prefab Houses
Chantale Anatine
Shop # 119
Our Hunt Treasure is a unisex silver Ashtamangala pendant on a tan leather necklace, inset with a moonstone gem. The Ashtamangala is a mandala incorporating the eight buddhist symbols of good fortune and blessings. Bonus earrings have been included in the box for the Hunt, only. Other gemstone selections in gold or silver pendants and earrings are available in this Collection.
 Liliana Bethune
Shop number 118
Dreamer Designs
Amber Talamasca (owner and creator)
Shop Number  #033
short description:
A single prim roadside shrine to worship gods or remember loved ones.
 Place a picture, a candle, or another item of importance in the shrine to personalize it. The shrine is copy/mod/no transfer and the sculptie texture is included with the same permissions
Prynce Llewellyn
Shop #102
(1) A silk embroidered coat with prim collar, belt and skirt and sumptuous fur on the cuffs
and around shoulders to match the fur spiked hat. 
Team with patterned pants and tied front shirt and matching boots to simply ooze eastern sex appeal.
(2) A silk gown - simple bodice and slim skirt in embroidered jade pleated silk overlaid
with a cascade of frills.

 Nix Marabana
shop number 91
For the girls, a set of geisha makeup layers in the style a geisha might wear while performing,
 and for the guys, a set of kabuki makeup layers in the ryakushi-guma style of kumadori,
which is worn by heros and supernatural beings in aragoto style drama.
casual couture
Shop Number #20
Paco and Manu
 a male and a female version, the outfit is called "lotus" and is a fantasy like outfit made of the finest pixelsilk you can find between sunny island and mieville.
we will hide two pagodas in our store - one contains the male, and one the female price.
hints for both pagodas is: "slap the orange hintgiver on our eventswall for current hint

 McMinnar's Oddments -
Mongolian Yurt (Ger)
Shop number # 29
Gift Yurt ((TenT))
Along the Silk Road, travelers and native nomads alike lived in simple, circular felt tents called in Turkish "yurt", in Mongolian "ger" and among the Russian steppes "yurta".  This structure was quickly built and taken down, and easily transported on the back of whatever pack animals you had in your train.  Walls were made of felt, which was warm in the winter and resisted the wild winds along the trail.  This gift yurt is 10', a size typical for a family. 
Thursday, June 2, 2011
The Silk Road Hunt 2 has now Begun
Please Send us Your Photos to
1) Please include info below :) .
a) Shop Name
b) Owner/Creator
c) Shop number
d) Name for Prize
Thank You !
 Rag Dollz
Name:  Emedea Morgenstern
Shop Number:  27
Roman Merchant Set  - A his and hers Roman Merchant Outfit
plus a slave outfit that is his or hers!
Rome was a huge buyer of silk and luxury goods on the Silk Road
so I chose them as my inspiration for the hunt outfits.
NS6 Engineering
Nightshade Sixspence
 Shop 125
Air Ship Ryukage
Huge Ryukage Air Ship
Features Smoking smoke stack,rotating props, and multi-move flight scripting.
- Tamiron Forge
Shop Number # 12
Owner Tamiron Landar
Asian inspired privacy screen,great home decor.
 Name: Carrie Snowpaw
Shop number: 36
Prize: Snowpaws Silk Road Sari
D&M Dream Furniture
Dolly Baroque
Shop # 26
I've made a Turkish bath for the hunt this time.
The bath has clickable towels with two poses in each towel. There are also a pair of massage tables with animations so relaxing I get sleepy watching them.

Dressed by Lexi
 Lexi Roxan
 Shope number #52
 Brown satin asian inspired slip dress with hair sticks and earrings included.  
 Matching slippers are available for purchase.
 MayLou Designs 
Shop # 53
 a massage table as our gift, with massage animation, steaming oil
and massage oil bottle. 

Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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