Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Please to future photo prize senders 
thank you !
please email to 
{Ms. B. Designs}
Shop #131
A simply Steamy pose set for two set in front of a gleaming golden pocket watch
His and Hers gold tipped canes, set of golden spyglasses for her and a detailed monocle for him all included to make your photo picture perfect
 Hearth & Home
Shop # 50
Darling Spinning Globe
 Hearth & Home
Shop # 50
Decorative cog Planter
Myrddin's Emporium
Shop number - 172
Description:  a 32 prim flying airship, inspired by the airship in Ben Lovett's "Eye of the Storm".  it is copy enabled and has a seat in the back that a passenger can sit in.  the pilot stands on the gantry when flying it, but when unseated can walk into the ship.  its pretty big with lots of sculpted parts.  Also contains an outfit the pilot can wear that resembles the one in the vid.
Cosmic Steam Designs  CSD
store #42
Albino Croc Coat
Mad Pea
**End of Hunt Prize**
Extra Prize : final bonus for hunters who have completed The Hunt " brass observatory".
Shop # 139
main prize at the store, the strange coffee serving backpack.

Snow Bound
Shop #37
Decorative Pavilion with spinning gears.  9 single poses, 6 friends poses. Copy only.
Tree House Treasures
Shop  #110.
Steamy Punk Shroom :)
Shop # 98
The Whitby outfit is a fur trimmed mini skirt and top with a rusty metal machine bodice and double belt.
Shop  #025
The Plumber's Wall Lamps
Monday, August 29, 2011
....Greetings All ..
Forgive me,Alas I lost on line time due to Irene . ..
Here we go with More fun ((Creative Prizes))
If YOU would Like your Prizes Posted Please
Email Photo to
Shop Name
Shop Number
Brief Description and Name of Your Prize
If I do not have the above info.. I can not post and share !
Shop # 39
Shop # 39
Elise - includes 2 skirts , waist belt,  boots, Hat, rose glasses, bolero, prim cuffs, corset, pants, stockings, & gloves - must use the add feature and not wear when wearing these pieces. All prim items come with built in re-sizers.
Richard - includes 2 hats, boots, prim cuffs for pants and coat, pocket watch chain & prim pocket, blazer, waist coat, shirt, pants, prim collar for both shirt and blazer and bow tie - must use the add feature and not wear when wearing these pieces. All prim items come with built in re-sizers.
Shop # 129
Wonderful Canopied Day Bed
Day bed; 23 prims
Canopy; 13 prims
Sidetable; 5 prims
Lamp; 4 prims
Tray; 1 prim
Pipe; 3 prims
Lay/smoke poseball; 1 prim
MV}: Malfean Visions
Shop # 117
High quality outdoor decor piece with everything pictured; Solarium with gear lamp (with on/off touch), sundial, wild vines trellis, wild grasses, pottery shelving all for 62 prims.
Shop # 141
Perpetual Cylinder Clock
L+N Signature Designs
Shop #70
 Presenting our awesome -CARMAGEDDON-
This is a Steam Punk post apocalypse car equipped with twomachine guns and a rocket cannon.
Includes HUD control which allows driving, shooting, flying andperform other operations simultaneously.
You can also open/close doors, engine hood and trunk byclicking on them.
Hope you enjoy it.
Shop# 135
horizontal steam engine powering a series of lights for a patio set.  
Cybernetic​s Group,
Shop Number 165,
Introducing The Plasmatic Photon Oscillating Blaster, it is the first run edition of our future line of rayguns.  Great to have handy when exploring new subterranean worlds and lunar surfaces or to vanquish hostile robotic projects that have gone awry in a quick fashion. 
Bondar-Foehammer Aerosteam Co
Shop # 137
Steampunk themed jet pack
texture me true
Shop # 89
slightly distressed brushed bronze and alabaster gas sconce features a valve that allows you
to adjust the gas flame to one of three intensity levels or turn it off entirely.
Saturday, August 27, 2011
STEAM:  Steampunk Travelers' Event, Adventure & Megahunt
     ++++++++++STEAM: the Hunt!+++++++++++
This will be the 5th Steampunk Grid-Wide hunt!  STEAM will take place September 1-30, 2011. 
The Hunt Prizes Shall remain available for the entire month... if you can find them!
There will be Steampunk-themed gifts to find hidden all over the grid in almost 200 participating shops.  You'll be offered a variety of gifts as you search for the hidden items.  Only high-quality designers have been invited to participate, and their exclusive items will be available only for the duration of the hunt.
As with most hunts, you begin at a starting location. 
That location will give you the LM to the next, and so on.
However, if you join the group, in September you'll be given a list of all the merchants' shops and you can start wherever you like!
SEARCH the group STEAM HUNT PUNKS and join for free!
We ask you these favours:
Please do not contact shop owners directly. 
 All enquiries should come to Perryn Peterson in the form of note cards as I/M are frequently capped. 
Please respect everyone participating:  designers, shop owners, other hunters. 
Please keep your lag as low as possible whilst hunting;
do not wear a lot of primmy items, scripts and items like bling, weapons and HUDs. 
 These items will slow things down for everyone.
If you open packages on anyone's sim, please have the courtesy to delete said package or pick up your package before you leave. 
All GEARS should be click able to place items directly into your inventory in folders.
Enjoy and bring lots of friends with you!
All The Best  and Happy Hunting
-Perryn Peterson
Greetings All !
WoW  194 shops and  we are just days away From Kick Off  for  Steam The Hunt *5* ..
I  , Breezy Carver once again shall be your host here on the Official Steam The Hunt Blog
I shall post photos as I receive them of your Marvelous Creative prizes
So yes ..  We do hope You all Want to get your photos on this blog !!
Sure ya Do !!  Please Send them to me @
I shall need
***Your shop name and number***
The Photo
The name of your prize  with description
Examples below :)
please include this info ..
Photos will not be posted with out it !!
It takes me forever to go through the 194 shops looking for your info 
Grim Brothers
Shop 48
Adorable Shoulder Interactive scripted Shoulder Pet ..
mister mechano
Shop Number 31
Marie Lloyd doll,an old time music hall machine.
 jeaneising's things
Shop  #78
The Penny Farthing bicycle
The Penny Farthing indeed gets a new twist with an on board steam boiler.  Wearing the bicycle activates its AO and allows you to wander SL in high Victorian Steampunk style with sounds of hissing steam,  a bicycle bell and horn to add to the fun!  Walk, run, and even fly away
Shop # 03
Clockwork-Captivity---Ruby Scripted  Neck Adorment Necklace
Shop # 86
three beautiful Textures
  D'n'C Designs
Shop # 75 and #76
Patio Set
  D'n'C Designs
Shop #14
Patio Steam Punk  Darling
 Jinxed Toys
Shop # 22
Wonka Moble .. weeee !
 Peterman Ltd.
 shop #92
The Grubby Engineer !!
(( works for both he and she ))
 John's Ancient Treasures
116 is the sconce
John's Ancient Treasures
143 is the outfit
John's Ancient Treasures
144 is the hourglass
by Nightshade Sixpence.
shop no# 114.
Night Star
Steamy Diving Gear !!  
Shop #29
Under Water House
Artificium Trading Post
Shop # 160
Ridable Mini Scripted Locomotive
Friday, August 19, 2011
Steam 5 is almost ready to kick off! Once again, Breezy Carver will be joining us as the picture blogger!

Picture Submission Rules:
1. Pictures must be in jpg format.
2. Email Subject must contain Shop Name, Shop Number, and Creator's Name.
3. Email Body must contain a short description of your hunt item.
4. You must attach the picture!

Where do I submit the picture?


Please Understand:

Pictures will be posted in the order they are received.
They are posted in batches of three so it won't be overwhelming and run over other posts.

Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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