Monday, August 29, 2011
....Greetings All ..
Forgive me,Alas I lost on line time due to Irene . ..
Here we go with More fun ((Creative Prizes))
If YOU would Like your Prizes Posted Please
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Shop # 39
Shop # 39
Elise - includes 2 skirts , waist belt,  boots, Hat, rose glasses, bolero, prim cuffs, corset, pants, stockings, & gloves - must use the add feature and not wear when wearing these pieces. All prim items come with built in re-sizers.
Richard - includes 2 hats, boots, prim cuffs for pants and coat, pocket watch chain & prim pocket, blazer, waist coat, shirt, pants, prim collar for both shirt and blazer and bow tie - must use the add feature and not wear when wearing these pieces. All prim items come with built in re-sizers.
Shop # 129
Wonderful Canopied Day Bed
Day bed; 23 prims
Canopy; 13 prims
Sidetable; 5 prims
Lamp; 4 prims
Tray; 1 prim
Pipe; 3 prims
Lay/smoke poseball; 1 prim
MV}: Malfean Visions
Shop # 117
High quality outdoor decor piece with everything pictured; Solarium with gear lamp (with on/off touch), sundial, wild vines trellis, wild grasses, pottery shelving all for 62 prims.
Shop # 141
Perpetual Cylinder Clock
L+N Signature Designs
Shop #70
 Presenting our awesome -CARMAGEDDON-
This is a Steam Punk post apocalypse car equipped with twomachine guns and a rocket cannon.
Includes HUD control which allows driving, shooting, flying andperform other operations simultaneously.
You can also open/close doors, engine hood and trunk byclicking on them.
Hope you enjoy it.
Shop# 135
horizontal steam engine powering a series of lights for a patio set.  
Cybernetic​s Group,
Shop Number 165,
Introducing The Plasmatic Photon Oscillating Blaster, it is the first run edition of our future line of rayguns.  Great to have handy when exploring new subterranean worlds and lunar surfaces or to vanquish hostile robotic projects that have gone awry in a quick fashion. 
Bondar-Foehammer Aerosteam Co
Shop # 137
Steampunk themed jet pack
texture me true
Shop # 89
slightly distressed brushed bronze and alabaster gas sconce features a valve that allows you
to adjust the gas flame to one of three intensity levels or turn it off entirely.


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