Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Please to future photo prize senders 
thank you !
please email to 
{Ms. B. Designs}
Shop #131
A simply Steamy pose set for two set in front of a gleaming golden pocket watch
His and Hers gold tipped canes, set of golden spyglasses for her and a detailed monocle for him all included to make your photo picture perfect
 Hearth & Home
Shop # 50
Darling Spinning Globe
 Hearth & Home
Shop # 50
Decorative cog Planter
Myrddin's Emporium
Shop number - 172
Description:  a 32 prim flying airship, inspired by the airship in Ben Lovett's "Eye of the Storm".  it is copy enabled and has a seat in the back that a passenger can sit in.  the pilot stands on the gantry when flying it, but when unseated can walk into the ship.  its pretty big with lots of sculpted parts.  Also contains an outfit the pilot can wear that resembles the one in the vid.
Cosmic Steam Designs  CSD
store #42
Albino Croc Coat
Mad Pea
**End of Hunt Prize**
Extra Prize : final bonus for hunters who have completed The Hunt " brass observatory".
Shop # 139
main prize at the store, the strange coffee serving backpack.

Snow Bound
Shop #37
Decorative Pavilion with spinning gears.  9 single poses, 6 friends poses. Copy only.
Tree House Treasures
Shop  #110.
Steamy Punk Shroom :)
Shop # 98
The Whitby outfit is a fur trimmed mini skirt and top with a rusty metal machine bodice and double belt.
Shop  #025
The Plumber's Wall Lamps


Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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