Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Looking for More Prize Photos
If I have missed yours please resend .. *smiles*
Greetings This Concludes the Hunt Prize Photos I have received thus far .
Please feel free to send me more Prize Photos from your shops
if you have not done so thus far ..
Please email  photo to
and include this info
Shop Name
Shop Number
Prize Name
Thank YOU so much and Best Wish for a Grand Hunt !!!!
always Breezy
Shop Name: Mimsy Manor
Shop Number: 8
Prize Name: Victorian Tabletop Theatre (Lobster Quadrille)
Epic Toy Factory
Shop number 57
EPic TOy Factory - The jug-o-nautalis Airship
Store Name: Urban Forge Virtuatecture
Shop Number: 63
Prize Name: Archetuthis Mechanica
Photos attached (2 photos- one exterior and one interior.)
Store Name : Demonkitties
Shop Number : 134
Prize name : iBandit Mask
The NeoVictoria Visitor Center at Machinima SIM
Shop Number 65
 four prizes (Street lamp, soul-powered table lamp,
haunted table lamp and a souvenir 2012 calendar for the hunt).
Glass Vistas
Store #111
Steampunk Door
Store name: Hatpins
Store number: # 67
Prize name: Steamy Bubbles Top Hat
Shop Name:  Bondar~Foehammer Aerosteam Co
Shop Number: #19
Prize Name: Mini-Airship Aurora
Store Name_Twisted Metal SteamWorks
Shop Number_#96
Prize name_Twisted Metal Cargo Service
 22769 ~ casual couture
Shop Number  (#77).
Outfit in photo
Store name: Domicile
Shop number: 87
Prize name: Isambard's Folly
Prize description: A tower and three-storey home.
The tower and house have been packed individually
 to allow the greatest amount of leeway in rezzing.
 Rez the tower as a viewing platform,
 the house as a skybox, or the house on top of the tower.
Copiable teleport pads are included, customised with the build's textures
Store name: SANNA-SCIENCE and ART
Shop number: 105
Prize name: Set of 3 animated textures full perm
Store Name AIDORU
Shop Number
Prize name for her "swirl necklace"
for him "pince-nez" glasses
Shop name: K.R. Engineering
Shop #: 38
Prize Name: Senet Game
Store Name  Dax Designs
Shop Number   43
Prize name  silver lion female & silver lion male
Store Name:      The Land of Nodd
Shop Number:   79
Prize Name:      Tesla Guitar
Always Eclectic
Shop #108
Colorful Gears Pin
Mountain Rose Village 
Shop Number #135
Nemo Office Skybox furnished with the 9 gifts from the mini-hunt.
(Not pictured, his/her Nemo Diving outfits, and personal mini-submarine)
Your Shop Name : Watsoon Steampunk
Shop Number : 131
Prize Name : 11 ornate walls and ceiling -
JPEG Textures - FULL PERMS -
Comes with a built and copy/modify scenery
Undathasi Fish Flinger
{Ms. B. Designs}
Steam Chariot
Store Name: Snowpaws
Store number: 046
Prize Name: Snowpaws Echo Outfit
 Shop Name: AdelleArts Manor Fashions
 Shop Number #92
His and Her Outfits
Shop:  Level 2, Goddess Tree
Shop #: 104
Prize Name: Orange Gear Zoom

Monday, February 27, 2012
Its February 27, Just three more days ..
Yep there is a February 29th this year ..  smiles
Here We Go First Group of Prize Photos ..Previews 
The More  Shop Prize Photos YOU send me
The More I can share ..
keep the coming ..
shop NS6 Engine
number 127
prize Engineer Professor

Dragons' Designs
Shop Number 006
Men's: Vest, belt, top hat, and glasses
Women's: corset, skirt, stockings, top hat
Men's and Women's Prize Photo  attached

Store Name: Axo's
Shop Number: #017
Prize name: "Le Poulpe Colossal" Wall Clock
photo: Prize_1-Axos.jpg (attached)

Prize names: Jules Verne - Framed Portrait
                    Le Poulpe Colossal - Framed Engraving
photo: Prize_2-Axos.jpg (attached)

Store Name: Fort Weka @ Dead Man's Chest
Shop Number: 028
Prize name: The Steampunk Sub-House 
Description: The Steampunk Sub-House is a small underwater house or hut
 for use on the ocean floor. Thoroughly textured throughout with a period finish.
The Sub-House sports a working Airlock
and comes in 2 versions with and without
 anchor chains plus optional air tanks and access ramp.
Shop Name: Deep Blue Sea designs
Shop Numbe: 44
Prize Name: Bonsai Clockwork Tree
Store Name: Spyralle
Shop Number: 52
Prize name: Spyralle Orrery Table
 NUMBER  -  098 
Morigi Steam
Shop #005
Morigi Kraken Sub
Shop Name: Yellow Rose Designs
Shop Number: 66
Prize Name: Pipedreams Topiary
Shop Name: imaginoirium
Shop Number: 75
Prize Name: Nemo's Mini Library Set
Shop Number: 058
Prize name: Cosmic Globe
Description: A wearable working Oracle - just Touch for advice.
Owner: Tamiron Landar
Shop name: [TF] Tamiron Forge
Shop number: 120
Prize name: NEMO Hunt gift
Store Name: Crazy Amazons
Shop Number: 068
Prize name: Steampunk Boat by Joh
shop #59 
Low Prim Steam Skybox
Store Name: Cosmic Steam Designs
Store#: 32
Prize Name: Captain Nemo Suit
Saturday, February 4, 2012
The hunt order, in its entirety, has been posted on the Merchant List page. The tab is along the top under the header for easy finding.

131 Stops
Tons of Steampunky Gifts
And YOU have to WAIT until MARCH... we're sorry for making you wait but we have to wait for Steampunky Goodness too...

Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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