Saturday, June 2, 2012
 Greetings The Hunt is On .. 
Behold a peek of the  prizes along the Way !!!  
The Silk Road Hunt "3" 
Going on The entire Month of June 2012 '
More to come .. Visit again soon 
(( Like tomorrow :))) 
If You wish Your Prize To be included  here on The Main Blog :)
Please email me 
Your Shop name 
Your shop #
Texture of you Prize
Thank YOU !!! 
Mountain Rose Village
A 10 gift mini-hunt 
Sultan's Palace
 includes the beautiful palace shown in the picture.  All gifts are displayed IN the palace at the landing to include:  Taxes booth, Passes Booth, Throne Room, Bed & Lounger, Dancing girls area, Magic carpet, Sultan & Dancing girl outfits, Arabian Fountain, and a spitting camel.
Store Name: Fort  Weka @ Dead Man's Chest
Shop# 034
The Round House
Creator Name: Albus Weka

 Shop: Spyralle
Shop #076
Item: Jade Gazebo
Shop name Kismet
Shop #33.

Shop name Wasenshi 
Shop# 91
Shop # 22.
Unisex Tattoo

Shop name  AdelleArts Manor Fashions
Shop# 056
Shop name  AdelleArts Manor Fashions
Shop# 056
Shop Name Always Eclectic -
Shop #024 
 Shop Name Always Eclectic -
Shop #024 
 Shop Name Always Eclectic -
Shop #024 
Store name : + eX + ezura Xue
Store number : 115 
Store Name: Czari's Attic
Creator: Czari Zenovka
Shop# 134

Moghul Indian Pavilion
 Lovely outdoor pavilion inspired by 17th Century Moghul Indian Empire furnishings. 
 tore Name: Czari's Attic
Creator: Czari Zenovka
Shop# 134
  Ancient & Modern
Shop #068
a mini hunt set up and ready - 3 prizes, one to be found on each floor of the shop.  These comprise separate elements of the full hunt prize, namely - 1) sand garden; 2) sit pillows and rug; 3) Oriental pavilion.
Shop name - Arkenstone Fantasy Furniture
Shop# - 123

Sanna-Science and Art
Shop # 89
Sanna Jupiter 
Sanna-Science and Art
Shop # 89
Sanna Jupiter

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