Thursday, September 6, 2012
Now a Word or two if you please .. 
Greetings All It is September 6th States Side 
I have published all the Prize Photos I have received 
I would like to take a moment to explain something to all *warm smile*
As all of us really do understand it is exciting to share prize photos etc..
But.. this hunt has Many Merchants and Stops 
Please Note ..  many are busy and just 
do not have the time to rush out photos 
Hence it is with enjoyment after doing this for some time (( IE years)) 
We have always said there is No rush !!
The Month is Long .. It is nice to post photos right up to say the 12th of Month .
Some Reasons being 
It drives Interest and continues the momentum .
September is busy start of the month for many in Real Life
 .. What with some countries having Holiday, Back to School and the Like . 
Please remember yes we all know The Hunt drives traffic ..
We take pride in it .. But we also Like the traffic to continue
 through Out as much of the Month as we can 
So if there are any Merchants that would still like their Prize Photo posted 
Please email the photo 
with your name
your shop name
and shop number
thank you and happy steam to all ..
Steam Does Power The Grid !!! 
 Reven Rosca
Shop# 111
 Sea Warcliffe
Shop Name: Deep Blue Sea designs
Shop Number: 023


Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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