Monday, September 3, 2012

Greetings The Hunt is On ..
{Please Note} I Still have more posts to do :)
I shall do daily Posts as my own time allows :)
The whole Idea of these blog posts is for folks to come to site to take a view
as to what is out there on the hunt :) 
If you have prize photo to add .
Please send Photo 
with shop name
Shop Photo 
Name: Tatiana Starsider
Shop: StarChild Designs
Number: 66
Name: Reghan Straaf
Shop name: Hatpins
Shop number: 18
The Pumpkin Head 
Shop# 102
The Pumpkin Head 
Shop# 102
for Tiny
The Pumpkin Head 
Shop# 102
Wyvern Dryke
 SHOP NAME~Lantian~
Name: Xzavia Yifu
Shop Name: Timeless Textures
Shop # 16
 Nyree Rain
Shop: Rainy Fey Creations
 Shop name : Watsoon Steampunk
Shop number : 46
Name: Leona Upshaw
Shop Name: Twisted Metal SteamWorks
Shop Number: #9
 Name:       Noddington Schmooz
Shop Name:    The Land of Nodd
Shop Number:  28
Name:       Noddington Schmooz
Shop Name:    The Land of Nodd
Shop Number:  28
Axolotl Icthan
Shop #062
 Axolotl Icthan
Shop #062
Axolotl Icthan
Shop #062

SPACE INVASION"sculpt, with flying aircraft, fires etc.  Fascinating to watch.
 "Build Better"at Happy Hippo
No. 127
NAME - Sapphy Rotaru
STORE NAME - Gallimaufry Stores
STORE No - 116
Your Name  Victorian Magic
Shop Name  Moonbeams 
Shop Number  140
A Steampunk Sky Palace --low prim and includes a teleport script
Item: Airship Captain's Desk Set
Name: Astolat Dufaux
Shop Name: Montagne Noire
Shop #: 61
 got no info with photo
but beautiful prize 
Shop: 22769 ~ casual couture
Number in Hunt: #030


Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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