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NOTE:  This isn't a complete list yet, but I'll be adding more as they get sent to me.  They are in hunt order, and the slurls are included with each pic just in case you want to jump from here.  The complete SLURL list can be found at the SLURL tab.

#3  ~Lantian
Gorgeous stained glass lantern

#6 Cog & Fleur
Renaissance outfits for male and female in dark purple

#7 Park Place Home Decor
This Renaissance Bench sits 2 people with a his/hers menu for selections. 
The bench frame is mesh at 5 land impact with sculpt cushion and pillows for a total of 14 LI.

#8 Reliquia

#9 Kismet

#12 The Jewellery Exchange
Jewelry for men and women

#13 Montagne Noire

#16 Sweet Sorrows

#18 Jinxed Toys & Magic
The two versions of the wall will be included in the same box.

#19 MacMoragh and Muse
There are two hunt gifts: First from Aine -your next hint will be included in the gift.
The second is from Fenn will include the next LM 
(I'm not sure the pics are in the right order)

#22 AdelleArts Manor Fashions
Outfits for men and women

#23 Always Eclectic
The hunt prize for the Renaissance Hunt is the Distinction Set in Silver shown below. 
The identical set in Gold is on sale at the Always Eclectic tent at the Faire, or at the main store. 
Two exclusive versions of the Elegance sets are available ONLY at the Faire tent and ONLY while the faire and hunt are going on.


#28 USC Textures

#29 House of ACCentaury
House of Accentaury

View of Accentaury: Procession 7

30 LOTTIE Garden & Home
Fantasy Pond

#31 Dandy and Niki Creations

#33 Pierre Ceriano

#37 [TF] - Tamiron Forge
Sherwood Forest Outfit

#38 Rainy Fey Creations
The prize is a pair of Lion Medallions, one small and dainty, one big and bold.
These solid gold medallions have been strung on thick wire, along with a few exquisitely engraved gold beads.

#41 Spyralle 
Beautiful lantern with silver inlay

#42 GRSP (Ghostraven's Steampunk & Pirates) 
The prize should you choose to find it is: 
Horse and Cart (copy only) Motion activated vehicle. (what??) when you press forward the vehicle will move forward the horses will start to trot(move) sound is activated and the wheels will turn. when you stop moving forward they will stop. Arrow keys or wasd control forward backward left and right movement. PgUp or E, PgDn or C controls the Speed of the vehicle..there are three speeds to this vehicle. 
Now working entirely in Mesh the prize is also a fairwell to sculpties with a lovely 32prim vehicle which takes advantage of sculpts ability to be script loaded... if you like this prize also check out the Gentleman's and Regal coaches at the store.

#47 Timeless Textures
Seamless Renaissance Textures

#48 Twelfth Night Designs
Men's Gift: Renaissance Ring
Women's Gift: Court Jester Outfit

#51 ~SWAN~ 
Single Renaissance Bed - a single sleeper for a well-to-do Renaissance citizen - has a canopy for those who require protection from the insects dropping from the thatched roof.
Plenty of animations of course - eyes close when sleeping. Blanket operational too.

#57 The Bitten Prim
The prize is mesh, 1LI, and will be copy and Mod so that if people need to resize it to fit their space they can do so. Also includes a gift card!

#58 Zoe's Garden
The gazebo is the main hunt gift.
The 2nd picture shows the extra gifts that are available in a side hunt at the Zoe's at the Renaissance Faire.

#59 Watsoon Steampunk

#62 Evaki 
Men's and Women's Outfits


#66 EBDesign - Elica Bowenford
for Robin and Marian

#68 HUDSON's Clothing Co. 
HUDSON's Clothing offering a beautiful Antique Ruby Jewel Set for Women
and a Unique Renaissance styled Pendant for the men.

#69 Buccaneer's Restorations
Venetian Green Man Wall Fountain, Restored
Mixed mesh, 5 LI total, touch on/off water sound

#71 Goddess Fantasies
Outfits for men and women

#72 Keshiki Garden Center
Mini Renaissance Garden


#74 Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
These are boots made from various hides that would have been worn in Europe during the Renaissance.

#79 Dionysia Designs
The gift box contains both prizes for each gender.

#80 Feyline Fashions 
Outfits for men and women

#85 RVi Design
The gift is a set of 4 decorative archery targets in two sizes. The options are with and without arrows and the prim count (land impact) is 2 or 4 for each target, depending if they have the arrows or not. They are copy versions so you can have and use as many as needed.

#86 Cake Fox
Renaissance Patterns, eight fullperm seamless textures.

#87 ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ 
Roleplay Campfire with couple and single sits.

#88 Raggle Taggle Gypsies 
2 new items from Raggle Taggle Gypsies! The lord's outfit includes 2 sculpted belts, green leather laced overtunic and embroidered brown silk tunic separately and together, and a pair of low-riding brown leather laced pants. The lady's outfit includes a one-prim belt, sheer green embroidered overblouse and black/green floral print blouse separately and together, a multilayered multiprint prim skirt in leafy prints, dark brown and green leather solids, and glitch pants.

#89 The Vintage Touch
The Renaissance Voyager's Trunk
Large, timeworn wooden trunk bound in rusty iron is lined with Renaissance-era map papers. 
A wonderful storage solution for any Renaissance traveler, and it's only 2 prims!

#90 Rag Dollz
Royal Scribe Outfit for men and women

Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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