Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Silk Road "5" Hunt Gifts
(Part 4)
Here are more amazing gifts with samples on how well they work together.
From An Lema (Store #18)
40 Thieves Dressing Screen (pictured on the left - opens & closes)
Secrets of the thieves burl orient table
The Riches of Persia gold sheeted plant stand and potted palm
From Cog & Fleur (Store #36)
C&F Persian Screen for SRH5 (pictured on the right)
From Lunar Seasonal Designs (Store #61)
Genies Lamp at the Oasis Pond
>>Blogger's opinion of exceptional gift<<
From The Vintage Touch (Store #13)
VT Eastern Silk Carpet
VT Imperial China Framed Art
VT Silk Road Framed Art
From Cake Fox (Store #7)
From Orchid Petal Designs (Store #50)
-OPd- Paradise Retreat
(multi-room building, one photo can't do it justice)
From Les Sucreries de Fairy (Store #42)
Ali Baba and 40 Thieves hunt gift
>>Blogger's opinion of excellence<<
From Les Arts de Saint-Bruno (Store #49)
8 - 1 prim framed works of art (3 of which are shown here)
From Fairey Angel Creations (Store #6)
Moroccan Table - Decorated w/ Fruit & Flower
From Zoe's Garden (Store #37)
*ZG* Genie Flowers - Red MAIN GIFT
*ZG* Genie Croton - Green EXTRA GIFT
*ZG* Genie Lamp (Touch On/Off) EXTRA GIFT
>>Blogger's opinion of exceptional item<<
From ~SWAN~ (Store #52)
~SWAN~ Hiding Urn
>>Blogger's opinion of exceptional item<<
From ~XM~ Designs (Store #30)
~XM~ Ali Baba's Tent (with 10 couple animations)

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