Friday, August 29, 2014
HHL Hunts & Events
The Renaissance Hunt IV
September 1 - 30, 2014
This years theme:  Shakespeare
Hunt object:  Gargoyle
This sought after gargoyle is getting ready for the hunt to start!
First Batch of Hunt Gifts:
From Feyline Fashions (Store #29)
Owner:  FeydaAnn Ferryhill
Gift:  Sir Vladimir Sea and Mistress Valencia Sea
Complete outfits for men and women from Feyline Fashions.
From SANNA - SCIENCE and ART (Store #34)
Owner:  Sanna Jupiter
Gift:  Vintage Astronomy Set
The Earth will rotate and the Stars will sparkle ...  forever !
From Virtual Textures (Store #38)
Owner:  Chica Indigo
Gift:  Suede & Gold Fabrics
Virtual Textures gift for the Renaissance hunt consist of a hand crafted collection of suede / velvet fabrics with gold trims, encrusted jewels and embroidery in an exclusive color for this event. Enjoy!

From Twelfth Night Designs
Owner:  TwelfthNight Resident
Gift:  Renaissance Fair Ruby Gown,  Emerald Renaissance Ring
This gown and ring by Twelfth Night Designs represent the Jewel colors of the Renaissance era.  The gown is a passionate red ruby that is sure to steal the heart of many.  The emerald ring is strong and bold with an earthy deep green stone.
From Potpourri Designs (Store #19)
Owner:AlexandraLara Resident
Gift:  Angel Wall Fountain
Beautiful and soothing water feature perfect for a garden or other outdoor space.  Comes with animated water and water sound.  Touch the water stream to turn sound on/off.  Copy, 6 prims.
Owner:  Contessa Lacombe
Gift:  Sapphire & Gold Pendant.
Cross Pendant with Sapphire in decorative setting.  Male & Female versions included.
From Park Place Home D├ęcor (Store #31)
Owner:  DeAnn Dufaux
Gift:  Renaissance Salon Chair
The Renaissance Salon Chair features both his/hers animation menus as well as rezzable props.   This piece is versatile and would be appropriate to use for any time period and decorating scheme.

From e*Sensual (Store #50)
Owner:  Danu Fairywren
Gift:  Ladies gift is called " Midsummer Night's Dream "
    Men's gift if called "Henry V"
For the ladies there is a cheery fanciful gown that even Titania could lounge about in and for all you guys an outfit worthy to send you off to battle:  worn loose leather pants and a chain-mail top
From Pierre Ceriano (Store #62)
Owner:  Pierre Ceriano
Gift:  The Tudor knot formal garden
A Tudor knot formal garden (part of the Renaissance era in England) I guess William Shakespeare was said to have appreciated...*
From USC Textures (Store #15)
Owner:  HuntCoordinatorUSC Resident
Gift:  USC Textures: Renaissance Tulip
The USC Textures gift for Renaissance Hunt IV is a set of 12 fullperm textures called Renaissance Tulip.
From Drow Science
Owner:  Somehow Peccable
Gift:  Shakespeare's Desk
From The Vintage Touch (Store #26)
Owner:  Elysiane Sapphire
Gift:  VT Renaissance Banners
This is a set of 2 decorative wall banners to decorate your renaissance home or theater!
From Dragon Magick Wares (Store #42)
Owner:  Dragonia DeCuir
Gift:  Dragon Magick Wares Madonna
A beautiful piece of renaissance art work by Leonardo da Vinci 1483.
More to come!
Blogger:  XMarieX Fairport

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