Monday, September 1, 2014
HHL Hunts & Events
The Renaissance Hunt IV
September 1 - 30, 2014
This years theme:  Shakespeare
Hunt object:  Gargoyle
From Port Royal Designs (Store #60)
Owner:  Shilan Folger
Gift:  Music Stand with Medieval Sheet Music
Wooden music stand to ornament your home and display your sheet music.
The "Port Royal" Wooden Music Stand is now MESH, cutting the LI from 7 to 2! It's also mod so you can put your own texture.
From ~XM~ Designs (Store #35)
Owner:  XMarieX Fairport
Gift:  To Be Or Not To Be Poesy Ring
To be or not to be certainly is a question!  Thankfully you can ponder your answer while wearing this his/hers poesy ring.  Removable low lag resizing script & copy.  (Poesy rings were popular during the 15th through the 17th centuries).
From [TF] - Tamiron Forge (Store #40)
Owner:  Tamiron Landar
Gift:  Ren Hunt Gift - Male & Female (two gifts packed in separate hunt items)
Female Renaissance Wench outfit - Velvet blouse, leather bodice, Mesh skirt in 5 standard sizes w/alpha layer & sleeves.  Male Renaissance Mercenary - Velvet shirt, leather vest, Belt,
Cavalier hat, Pants & sleeves.  Sets are copy only but prim parts are Rezise scripted.
From Lunar Seasonal Designs (Store #67)
Owner:  Lunar Tripsa
Gift:  The Sword in the Stone
 I hope it makes you smile!
From Rainy Fey Creations (Store #68)
Owner:  Nyree Rain
Gift:  Kindarth Crown
This original gold mesh crown has been set with a living jewel, flickering with sapphire and emerald fire.  Materials enabled and copy/mod so you can customize the fit..

From Myrddin's Emporium (Store #77)
Owner:  Myrddin Janus
Gift:  Sea Cycle / Skeleton Clock / Sextant
A few essentials for a sea voyage that no renaissance man / woman should be without.
From ***baci village*** (Store #66)
Owner:  bacidalucia Oh
Gift:  EROS in midsummer night's dream
for ladies and gentlemen, an exclusive mesh shirt in many sizes.
From Zoe's Garden (Store #36)
Owner:  Adele Rhiadra
Gift:  Renaissance Mixed Lillies & Framed Shakespheare Quote from Henry VII
There is a lovely framed quote about lillies from Shakespheare's Henry VII and some gorgeous lillies to go along with the quote.
From [noctis] (Store #13)
Owner:  Yelena Istmal
Gift:  [noctis] Enlightenment chair and table
Mesh Floral and darkwood chair and sidetable. Chair is 2 LI and has 14 animations. Table is 5LI and gives out a goblet to drink.
From John's Ancient Treasures (Store #16)
Owner:  Jon Nielsen
Gift:  Midsummer's Night crowns
Fairy Queen Titania's crown and Fairy King Oberon's crowns, from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer's Night Dream'
From ~Lantian Flox~ (Store #2)
Owner:  Wyvern Dryke
Gift:  ~L/Fx~Poison Vial Necklace - Shakespearean
Beautiful textures and deep, burnished colors combine in this necklace.  Clicks on/off with glow. 2 sizes in box: large/small.
From Timeless D├ęcor (Store #76)
Owner:  Serenek Timeless
Gift:  Elizabethan Leather Paneled Fireplace
A fireplace with an ornate "overmantle" based on an actual carved and painted oak Elizabethan antique.  Flames turn on and off by touch.
From Fairey Angel Creations
Owner:  Jillian Fairey
Gift:  Ye Old Well
Rustic well in an autumn themed setting.

From Miss Darcy (Store #69)
Owner:  Vivienne Darcy
Gift:  Ophelia Gown + Hamlet Pose
From Pottery Shed (Store #14)
Owner:  Vain Adder
Gift:  The Octogon
The Octogon is based off a build of the same name from Seaton Sluice, UK.  built in 1750 as a customs and revenue office for the town.  This build is made to be a small castle/watchtower for those seeking a by gone era.
Enjoy the Hunt!
Blogger:  XMarieX Fairport

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