Monday, February 22, 2016

STEAM: The Hunt XI

This years hunt is promising to be another fantastic Hunt
 if any of the gifts I've seen so far are any indication.
The shops are listed in random order as I receive them. 
This is the little GEAR you need to find for all your great gifts.
You'll receive a bracelet at the 1st stop.  Wear it and it will help the gift gears to rez.
Be sure to join the Historical Group, which is full of lovely Steampunkers.
You are welcome to ask for help in group chat, but please do not give away 'hiding places'.


 #053 -  EBDesign by Elica Bowenford
Name of Gift:  EBDesign Steampunk submarine tiles

#031 -  *Kismet* by Cierra Anatine
Name of Gift:  Toxic Fish Fountain
#022 - Hig's by Hig Bing
 Name of Gift: Steampunk Undersea Adventurer & Adventuress

#024 - Park Place Home Décor by DeAnn Dufaux
Name of Gift:   Realms of the Deep Library Cabinet
#045 -  Pierre Ceriano by Pierre Ceriano
Name of Gift:  Nemo desk - 7 LI - 4 Copy & Mod Meshes

#037 - Razmataz, by Melonie Romano
Name of Gift:  Steamposes
#051 - Rainy Fey Creations, by Nyree Rain
Name of Gift:  The Deeps Necklace & Ring
#016  ~XM~ Designs by XMarieX Fairport
Name of Gift:  ~XM~ Under the Sea Cog Café
#030 - Black Magnolia Imports Textures and More! by Miss Mattie Puss (MatildaRigby Resident)
Name of Gift:  BMI Rolling in the Deep Textures
#049 -  SANNA - SCIENCE and ART - Animated Textures Full Perm, by Sanna Jupiter
Name of Gift: Animated Historic Ship Paintings + Seamless Water Set
015 - Classic Accessories by ramblingal
Prize Name: Three-panel Sepia Kraken Wall Hanging
#052 - Cake Fox, by Pieni
Name of Gift:  Cake Fox Garden Ship Wheel and Chain
#075 - Designs by Sebastian, by Sebastian Dionysus
Name of Gift:  Underwater Flying Sub

#033 -  Kittycat's Creations by Kittycat Ninetails
Name of Gift:   This is MINE!

#063 - Snowpaws by Carrie Snowpaw
Name of Gift:  Snowpaws - Aubrey Outfit &  Barnaby Mens Hooded Vest

 #023 - Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes by Lindy (Delinda Abbot)
Name of Gift:  Sonya (female)  and Nemo (male)

SebastianTiogar Resident (Sebby), Meadow Copperfield & SophiaKennocha Resident
It's a 16 stop Mini-Hunt.....lots of fun and lots of things to do as you search in the
lost city of Atlantis II where Aliens, Steampunk & Mers worlds collide and merge.
Gifts:  Be sure to read the notecard in the HINT GEAR at the landing or you'll miss 4 gifts

#062 - All Things Beautiful by Silver Aster
Name of Gift:  League of Extraordinary Textures

064 - The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee by Peachy Sassoon
Name of Gift:  PS Steam Hat 

082 - COVETED! by Exotica  (Tifridh Fallen)
Name of Gift:  Steampunk Hunt XI--Women's (Men's) gift from COVETED!

067 - Tayren's Fantasy Fashions (TFF), by Tayren Theas
Name of Gift:  Sailor Boy and Sailor's Girl - complete outfits by TFF

069 -Dragon Magick Wares by Dragonia DeCuir
Name of Gift:  Steam Aquatica
057 - Olde Panda Panda Store by Liam Metaluna
Name of Gift:  Steampunk mesh gramophone
 038 - *villa baci* by  bacidalucia Oh
Name of Gift:  lu-steamtypepunk
066 - Tanelorn Manor Designs
By Muroc Scorfield & Hollywood Topaz
Name of Gift:  Poseidon's Temple Ruin
020-The Rug Shop by Sasheba Looming
Name of Gift:  Mermaid in kelp, Steam hunt goodies
040-Sparrow by Design by Sparrow Tuqiri
Name of Gift:  Mr. & Mrs. Kraken
017 - Les Arts de Saint-Bruno by Tiamat Windstorm
Name of Gift:  The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne: Seventeen paintings by N.C. Wyeth from the 1918 Scribner's Edition

080 - Thistle Moon Designs by Carline Thistle Moon  (FlowerTower Resident)
Name of Gift:  Priest and Priestess of Poseidon

043 - Grim Bros by Cutea Benelli
Name of Gift:  Radio Days - unisex tophat

085 - Jinxed Toys & Magic by Amadine Abonwood
Name of Gift:  Aquamancer Staff

 #046 HUDSON's Clothing Co. by Candace Hudson
Name of Gift: FantaSea Coins UniSex Jewel Set

060 - Drow Science by Somehow Peccable
Name of Gift:  Steampunk Mini Submarine

 029-Lunar Seasonal Designs by Lunar Tripsa
Name of Gift:  Menu Driven Octopus Fountain

027 - Cog & Fleur by Abathyr Resident
Name of Gift:  Rusty Porthole - 4 styles

 071 -  The Vintage Touch by Elysiane Sapphire
Name of Gift:  Vintage Touch Steampunk Lockers Set

078 -  Sweet Sorrows by Colette Charleville
Name of Gift:  Stranded Dreams

013 - Casa de Bebe by Bebe Begonia
Name of Gift:  Capt Nemo's Table

018- Divine's HOT Couture by Divine Nitely
Name of Gift:  STEAM XI Hanging Cog Sit w/animations

081 - Spyralle by Kerryth Tarantal
Name of Gift:  Spyralle Undersea Helmet

055 - Rozamyndi's by Rozamyndi Brimm 
 041 - Texture Junction by Philomena Steampunk
Name of Gift: Steampunk Mermaid Texture Kid

068 - [noctis] by Yelena Istmal
Name of Gift:  [noctis] Nautilus Sofa Ocean

036 - MTD Designs by Ouminakati Aboubakar (Oumi)
Name of Gift:  Chair-Mesh

065 - Miss Darcy by Vivienne Darcy
Gift Name: STEAM XI Raft

070 - The NeoLondon Project by Asil Emor
This is a MINI-HUNT!

Gift:  2016 Souvenir Calendar

  Gift: Fully-furnished Skybox (or Houseboat)

Gift: Mer Poser

Gift: Angler Headlight

Gift: NPC Attack Fish

076 - Arcadia Asylum Library & Freebie Center by Briony Juran 
Name of Gift:  Marine Research Lab & Skybox

[[ are welcome to continue to send your notecards to me
 and I'll be most happy to add them to this blog as received.]]

 Happy Hunting everyone. I hope you enjoy the hunt as much as I enjoyed blogging it. 
During this endeavor I have met some of the most lovely folks, many exhibiting a keen sense of humor, and a true dedication to their craft.  It has been such an honor to be included in this adventure.
Meadow Copperfield

Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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