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From Earth to the Moon
Honoring Jules Verne
Born in Nantes, France, in 1828, Jules Verne pursued a writing career after finishing law school. He hit his stride after meeting publisher Pierre-Jules Hetzel, who nurtured many of the works that would comprise the author's Voyages Extraordinaires. Often referred to as the "Father of Science Fiction," Verne wrote books about a variety of innovations and technological advancements years before they were practical realities. Although he died in 1905, his works continued to be published well after his death, and he became the second most translated author in the world.

In all, Verne authored more than 60 books (most notably the 54 novels comprising the Voyages Extraordinaires), as well as dozens of plays, short stories and librettos. He conjured hundreds of memorable characters and imagined countless innovations years before their time, including the submarine, space travel, terrestrial flight and deep-sea exploration.

 The book we give tribute to in this 12th Steampunk Hunt is
Verne's book, From the Earth to the Moon, which was published in 1864

Poster by: Una Lunaqat (Unalunaqat Resident)

Perryn Peterson, Mayor of Mieville & Producer of the "Historical Hunts, Ltd."
and the "Historical Hunts, Ltd. Merchants"
invites you to enjoy the annual SteamPunk Hunt, March 1-31, 2017
This is the GEAR you need to find for all your great gifts.
You'll receive a bracelet at the 1st stop.
Wear it and it will help the hint and gift gears to rez more quickly.

Your first stop is at #001 - Steampunk Information Center

If you have not already joined the Historical Group be sure to do that. 
There is a sign to join just inside the Information Center.
Updated notices will be provided to members as needed, and our intrepid hunters
are always willing to help with hints (in IM, of course)
You will also receive a notecard listing all the participating shops landmarks.
Landmarks to each subsequent stop are also included in each gift gear
Hints are NOT provided except in each shop but are in the
  hint gears near, or on, the Steampunk signs at each landing.

#002 - Lantian/FLOX
Wyvern Dryke

#003 - The Shops of Mountain Rose
SebastianTiogar Resident (Sebby), Meadow Copperfield, SophiaKennocha Resident

3 outfits for Men, Women & Children

Rocket & Rocket Furnishings

Animated K9 Dog, Evil Robot, Blinking Eye, Moon Rover

004 * Amaranthus *

005 Mahlberg Tailors

006 The Golden Oriole
   Oriolus Oliva    Oriolus Oliva 

007 Destiny's Designs  
  Karmas Destiny    Suki Syakumi

008  Biblioth√®que de Coeur  

009 Hearth & Home

010 Neon Deer

011 MTD Designs 

Montgolfiere - Hot Air Balloon

012 E-mesh 
   Guestier Balut    Persefone Gant 

013 Arcadia Asylum Library & Freebie Center

014 Black Magnolia Imports Textures and More 

BMI Spacey Drapes Textures

015 Accentaury

Watching Aliens

016 Nano Station Technologies 

017 Myrddin's Emporium  

018 .::Aftershok::.  (ADULT)
   Aftershok Ziplon  

019 Orchid Petal Designs 
Withdrew from hunt; skip to next shop

020 Spyralle

    Kerryth Tarantal

Spyralle Abandoned Ship (a garden ornament)

021 LilArt Creation 

022 Snowpaws 

To The Moon Chapeau  

023 Peckbeth Clothiers
Withdrew from hunt; skip to next shop.

024 Wood Works 

Hurricane Lamp & Table 

025 Curious Seamstress

026 Inara's Fantasy Couture 

027 Lunar Seasonal Designs

The Asteroid Relaxation Skybox

028 Designs by Isaura 
   Withdrawn - Skip to next Shop 

029 Razmataz 
   Melonie Romano    

030 The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee

 PS Steam XII Hat

031 Dandy and Niki Creations  
  Dandara Swords    Nikity Dagger   

From Earth to the Moon

032 *baci shop*

Steamhunt tapestry

033 McMinnar's Oddments

034 Zoe's Garden 

035 Cake Fox

Cake Fox Decor Moon Song Artwork

036 Papilio Store

037 Arctor Shipyards

Voyage dans la Lune Shooting Range

038 Timeless Textures

039 [noctis

040 Ye Olde Panda Panda Store 

041 Kittycat's Creations

Cog For-us Tray


043 Simply Shelby 

044 FAC - Fairey Angel Creations 

045 Tayren's Fantasy Fashions (TFF) 

046 Thistle Moon Designs 

Emissary of Earth
Lady Emissary of Earth

047 All Things Beautiful  

048 Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes 

049 Park Place Home  

Red Velvet Victorian Chaise
050 ~Cutie Larks~  

Selene & Endymion

051 Jinxed Toys & Magic!  

Steam Moon Staff Set from Jinxed Magic (Including a mini-staff)

052 Classic Accessories  

Burl and Brass Tables with SL Clock (three versions included

053 NeoVictoria Visitor Center  

054 Storybook Cats Shop 
   Stangbo Resident    Unalunaqat Resident  

055 Casa de Bebe 

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table  

056 Miss Darcy
    Vivienne Darcy    Tik Merlin 

057 Steaming Ahead 

058 Li'll Scallywags

059 Emma's @ Blue Moose 


060 Impertinences 

061 Jacon Cortes Designs

062 Caramba   

063 Hig's

Hig's Steampunk House on the Moon


3 animated textures gifts: Man in the Moon Le Voyage dans la Lune + Moon Callisto + Starry Night Sky   

065 DragonLady's Closet

Cynda Gown for her
Evan in Chocolate for him

066 The Rug Shop 

Lunar rugs

067 Imagine Flowers and Garden 
   Laurella Benoir        


=SFL= DJ Booth Steampunk
=SFL= Steampunk Zeppelin

069 ~XM~ Designs   
XMarieX Fairport    Kiva Fairport 

Wacky Steampunk Rocket *WEARABLE*

070 Rainy Fey Creations

Steamy Moon Boots for Ladies of Quality & Steamy Moon Boots for Discerning Gentlemen

071 Sparrow by Design  

      Women - Gun Club Groupie dress & Flama Gloria Hair

Men - Columbiad Engineer suit & boots

072 AdelleArts Manor Fashions  
  Ellie Honi    AdelleArts Alcove 

073 The Vintage Touch 

Vintage Touch Steampunk Tabletop Rockets

074 Pearse'd & Cut 
   Edward Pearse   

075 Cherry Muffin's Decorating  

076 .: Eclectic Stars :. 

077 Gor-jus Animations
   Withdrawn - skip to next shop

078 An Lema
Steampunked Chair Set

079 Pottery Shed   

080 Pierre Ceriano  

Moon globe - 1 LI - Copy and modify mesh

081 Steam Kitten   
Withdrawn - Skip to next shop

082 Les Arts de Saint-Bruno

083 Tanelorn Manor Designs  
  Muroc Scorfield & Hollywood Topaz  

Lunar Phase Rocketship Mantle Clock

084 The Eclectic Fusion Emporium

Homage to Jules Verne

085 Cog & Fleur

Antique Moon Maps

086 [Eklektikos]

[Eklektikos] STEAM XII HUNT GIFT 2017 (Including Petite)

087 Hyborean Steam Platform 
   Perryn Peterson

Visit often as new submissions will be added as received.

 My thanks to all the merchants participating, 

and to Perryn Peterson for sponsoring another successful Steam Punk Hunt.

~~May the Steam Be With You~~

Meadow Copperfield, Blogger

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June 1st to 30th
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