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"STEAMpunk Wonderland!"
March 1-31, 2018

Poster by: Una Lunaqat (Unalunaqat Resident)
Perryn Peterson, Mayor of Mieville & Producer of the
"Historical Hunts, Ltd."
and the "Historical Hunts, Ltd. Merchants"
invites you to enjoy the annual SteamPunk Hunt,
March 1-31, 2018

This is the GEAR you need to find for the hints and all your great gifts.

Your first stop is at #001 - Steampunk Information Center

If you have not already joined the Historical Group be sure to do that. 

There is a sign to join just inside the Information Center.

Updated notices will be provided to members as needed.

Our intrepid hunters are always willing to help with hints (in IM, of course)

You will also receive a notecard listing all the participating shops landmarks.

Landmarks to each subsequent stop are also included in each gift gear

Hints are NOT provided except in each shop but are in the
  hint gears near or on the Steampunk signs at each landing.

Add or Wear this bracelet to help the Hint & Gift Gears rez more quickly

#002 - Lantian/FLOX

#003 - Unrepentant

#004 - Mountain Rose
SebastianTiogar, SophiaKennocha, Meadow Copperfield
Jez Sinclair & Ceirwyn Sinclair
Please enjoy our 12 stop Mini-Hunt
Our shops contain the original works by our creative family.  Offering a wide range of items for avatars of all ages! Outfits for CK Toddler and Toddleedoo Avatars, to children, boy/girl, adult male/female outfits, including outfits for daily wear, formal wear, vintage and themed.
Fantasy, historical and modern homes and a vast selection of furnishings.  Plus a variety of whimsical offerings including Wyrmwood eggs and food.

#005 - Amulet
Steamy Sky Box Pod
font-size: normal: Love, Sculpts, Textures and Stuffs :)

#006 - Roawenwood

#007 - Park Place Home
DeAnn Dufaux
Steam Wonder Bench
Park Place Home  has a large assortment of elegant furniture that includes living room, bedroom, office/study, dining, and kitchen sets in a variety of genres.
There is also a nice selection of outdoor furniture for beach, deck, patio, or garden as well as original artwork and decorative accessories.

#009 - Clockwork Bird (former Golden Oriole)
Oriolus Oliva
Magic Mirror
I have changed the name of my shop recently. The Golden Oriole (Antiques & Curiosities) was one of the oldest well-known brand of SL. Since I don't create "antiques" anymore, after about 12 years of operation I have decided to rebrand it, and to change its name to Clockwork Bird.

#010 - Anna's Attic
Engineer's Table with Accessories
At Anna’s Attic we offer Furniture, Decor and Homes for your Secondlife.
We build everything with a “Prim Conscious” mind. We understand that not everyone has a large majority of prims to play with, so we specialize in low prim skyboxes, homes and furniture, but make sure that quality and detail are in every build and reasonably priced.
Our policy is pretty strait forward: We build with pride and would not sell you anything we would not use ourselves. We will always make good on our products.

#011 -  Kittycat's Creations
Kittycat Ninetails
Gear Down Table
We make drinks, decanters, furniture, textures, mesh, sculpts and scripts.  If we do not have a drink, and you want it, we are delighted to make it for you.  Custom work is our specialty.
#012 - MTD Designs 
Ouminakati Aboubakar (Oumi)
Steampunk Textures - Seamless
Mesh Designer Full Perm: Accessories - Clothes - Shoes - Hats - Avatar & Tiny
Decoration - Textures and more...

#013 - Ara Couture
Araminta Kroitschov
Intrigue Masks (3)

#014 - Curious Streamstress

#015 - Timeless Textures
Xzavia Yifu
12 Seamless Top Grain Leather Earth Textures
Full Permission Textures for Creators & Collectors! Great Sales, Weekly Group Gifts & Lots of Goodies! Specializing in Fabric, Shiny & Metal as well as providing most types of textures, 4000+ Texture Sets on offer! Most Full Price Texture Sets Just 100L-200L

#016 - Rainey Fey Creations
Nyree Rain
Steam Gears Robot Avatar

#017 - Rose Your Life (Adult)
 LadyRosabella Resident
RYL Steam Oil

#018 - Arcadia Asylum Library
Briony Juran
Nautilus Aquarium
The Arcadia Asylum Library is an amazing full sim collection of wonderful FREE creations from Arcadia Asylum and her many alts.  Pirates, Steampunk, Underwater Decor, Furnishings, Ships and Subs, Wrecks and Ruins, are just a small part of what you will find here.

#019 - Les Arts de Saint-Bruno
Tiamat Windstorm
Alice in Wonderland: The Tenniel Illustrations, as Wall Art and Table-Tops

#020 - Steaming Ahead
Zebra Chaise with Cuddles 13Li
Steaming Ahead offers discerning citizens period furniture, steampunk machines and some random weird items.  Enjoy the experience.

#021 - Storybook Cats Shop
Unalunaqat Resident (Una Lunaqat)
Male & Female Outfits

#022 - Simply Shelby
Shelby Olivier

Steampunk Compass Rose D├ęcor
Whimsical designs for your home & garden mixed with a splash of fantasy!   Simply Shelby features seasonal, holiday, furniture, decorations, garden & gifts items. Medieval, & Fantasy Role Play Items also available.

#023 - The Rug Shop
 Sasheba Looming
Metal Artwork (Mesh Decor) XIII
More then just Home decor.... It's a Statement, a State of mind. Say it Loud. Be bold.*
The main landing point is filled with Steam-punk & Victorian ( Gothic) for ease of shopping.. Nothing over 20 L (unless I goofed) & the store grid wide sale is still active for all vendor items : spend 25 L & the rest is 1/2 off...sometimes more if already a loyal customer]

#024 - LilArt Creation
Lilia Artis
Metal Tiles, Brass & Copper

#025 - Cake Fox

Cake Fox Decor Wonderland Coffee Table

#026 - Tayren's Fantasy Fashions

#027 - Thistle Moon Designs
FlowerTower Resident (Carline Moon)
Steampunk Wonderland Hat
"Clothing, Accessories and Collectibles for TodleeDoos, Tweens, Teens and Adults."

#028 - The Leatherwerx for Creators

#029 - The Eclectic Fusion Emporium
Artful Hammerer

Steampunk Wonderland Top Hat
The Eclectic Fusion Emporium, run by Artful Hammerer.
Steampunk Clocks, components and ephemera.

#030 - %Percent
Plato Novo
Snail Table Lamp

#031 - Bibliotheque de Coeur

#032 - Baci Shop
bacidalucia Oh
Unisex Steam Hat

#033 - Technicolor Dolls
Moonsugah Monday (Moonsie Sweetcakes)
Wonderland Revisited
My vortex of color and creativity.. Randomness may be found here.
(formally Orchid Petal Designs.)

#034 - Razmataz

#035 - Builders Factory
Pierre Ceriano
Wonderland pocket watch - 1 LI - COPYMOD Mesh
Builders Factory rabbits do some full perms stuff although they are sometimes... late !

#036 - Dragonsworn
Annakari Genesis (Annakari Dragonsworn)
Steampunk Train - Off Track

#037 - Hearth & Home

#038 - [Dallas MacKenzie] Designs
Steampunk Corset
#039 - Lunar Seasonal Designs
Lunar Tripsa
Wild Ride a Zebra

#040 - NeoVictoria Visitors Center
Asil Ares
Enjoy a 5 stop mini-hunt
Dark roleplay with Steampunk style

#041 - Coveted!

#042 - Myrddin's Emporium
Myrddin Janus (Professor Theodor Arc-Head)

#043 - Casa de Bebe
Bebe Begonia

 {CdB} Distressed Leather Settee
Furnishings, including French & European period Antiques
18th Century Neoclassical Gustavian Swedish Victorian Vintage

#044 - Accentuary
Haveit Neox
Wide Grinning Cat
The Accentaury shop is at the end of a train track. If you're in an adventurous mood, click train rezzer board for a vehicle to explore the sim. Founded in 2010 with lots of accumulated history and exotic sites.

#045 - Amaranthus

#046 - Wishbox

#047 - Impertinences

and ART-Animated Textures Full Perm
Sanna Jupiter
Royal Animal Fireplace
SL's finest selection of more than 2000 full perm animated textures of all kind: Fire, Water, Cyber, Steampunk, Vintage, Psychedelic, Disco, Animals, Landscapes, Love, Halloween, Christmas and much more ! Group- and Free Gifts, MM Boards and Lucky Chairs

#049 - GypsyRose Botanical

#050 - Lorin's Sound Effects

#051 - Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs
Jezzixa Cazalet
Agatha Ladies Steampunk Outfit and UNISEX Steampunk Goggles
Founded in 2008, Prism Designs creates and sells clothing for women and men, under the brands Prism Designs, Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs and Prism Designs Men. All of the divisions are conveniently located on the Bal Harbour sim.
We wish to create an extraordinary guest experience that excites both in soul and mind."Prism Designs ... adding color to your Second Life"

#052 - Spyralle

Kerryth Tarantal
Wonderland Steamkettle
Explore Spyralle's new store, home of our fantasy wearables and decorative objects
for your home & garden!

#053 - [noctis]
 Yelena Istmal (Yelly Donut)
Zebulon wall lamp/teardrop

#054 - Adorably Strange Wares
Violet Draesia
The Schmetterling Light

#055 - USC Textures

#056 - Chris Garden

#057 - Jinxed Toys and Magic

#058 - AdelleArts Manor Fashions
Ellie Honi

Male & Female Outfits
AdelleArts Manor Fashions offers over 1,400 unique fantasy outfits for female and male avatars. Ranges include Fairy, Elven, Steampunk, Mermaid, SciFi, Pirate, Dance, Teen, Adult, Dolls, Dolly, Gorean, Undead, Zombie,Demon & Vampyre. All outfits with multiple options. Weekly Sale bargains and a 25L$ section. Midnight Mania and Lucky Boards.

#059 - Captured Waters
Steam-punk Falls
ALEXA's Captured Waters  Creates wall and floor model water features,  home decor, Photography and complete   landscape scenes with animations.

#060 - Destiny's Designs

#061 - Loordes of London
Coleen Macarthur (Maja Signa)
Kilkenny Earrings

#062 - An Lema

#063 - Jacon Cortes Designs

#064 - Third Moon Creations - G!A

GiaBlossom Resident ( Gia Blossom)

Low Gear Table
Third Moon Creations - G!A makes original mesh decorations, accessories for both men and women.   Sometimes I divulge in clothing for women as well both modern and medieval/fantasy   themes.

#065 - Classic Accessories
 Ramblingal (Bun)
White Rabbit Pocket Watch

#066 - HOT Couture

#067 - Eclectic Stars
Jadziyah Resident
Temperance - Steamy Wonderland

#068 - Zan's
Zantyago Mannonen
Steam Hat

#069 - Emma's @ Blue Goose

#070 - ~XM~ Designs
 XMarieX Fairport
All proceeds from ~XM~ Designs goes towards an amazing Service Dog. 
Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

#071 - Hyborean Steam Platform
   Receive your "I finished the Hunt" gift(s)
and be sure to vote for your favorite 5.
You are also encouraged to list those you feel deserve honorable mention.
As always, your comments are appreciated.
Visit often as new submissions will be added as received.
 A giant "thank you" to all the merchants participating,
to Wyvern Dryke for preparing and distributing the hunt gears,
to Tailahr Winnikow for maintaining all the updates,
and to Perryn Peterson for producing another successful SteamPunk Hunt.

Happy Hunting and may the Steam be with you
Meadow Copperfield

Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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