We love you all and we're glad you're participating, as always, but we've got some information we need you to know and we're making a centralized location for it. These things we ask aren't difficult and putting together a hunt is very difficult. We can't be there to hold everyone's hand, as much as we'd like to, but we can answer questions and do our best to make sure the hunt is fun for everyone.


1. Spots will be assigned by random generator, not by first come first serve.
2. Applications must be complete, it is up to you to update your information.
3. You may only enter one store regardless of how many you have.


1. RULES WILL BE ENFORCED FROM THE FIRST MOMENT. If you don't like that, we welcome you to reapply when you can follow instructions, directions, and rules.  Claiming Ignorance won't work.  By putting in an application it's understood that you have read and agreed to the rules and will adhere to them.

2. Once you are in the hunt, you must do what's necessary to remain eligible. That means: have your sign out, have the hint gear out WITH A HINT, have your gift finished and in the gear on time, so forth.

3. No Whining - At all. None. Go away.

4. Be Nice to the Organisers!

5.  No choccie kibble for those who (1) whine or (2) are not nice to the organisers!

6. Mass Delivery: Hunt Objects will be delivered in a single box. Too many people to hand them out individually, we'll get pawpletunnel syndrome giving them out.

7. Dealing with Issues: Listen up! There are way too many of you to deal with individually on certain issues. If it's something that will affect all Merchants, we will deal with it en masse (that's all at once). If it's something that really only pertains to you, such as SL has gone hog wild and eaten half your gear, we'll deal individually.

8. Things that are optional: Sending your hunt picture to the blog to be posted, sending it to other places to be blogged.

9. Spots will be assigned by random generator, not by first come first serve.

10. There will be a total of 200 applications accepted. That means that the number of stores will be 205. That means the starting place, ending place, and the shops of the three merchants who help organize will NOT count towards the total of 200 applications.

11. There are probably some I'm missing but this will be updated and handed out in the future.


1. Applications must be COMPLETE when turned in or they will be rejected immediately. All items must be filled out/in.

2. Applications must be handed in the way they're meant to be, read the application! Any applications handed directly to a person will be deleted and rejected immediately.

3. If your application is rejected for being incomplete or handed to an organizer, you are welcome to reapply provided you follow the rules.  You will be notified if it has been REJECTED and needs to be filled in properly on the website again.


1. These will be put out immediately upon being received. The earlier it goes out, the longer there will be advertisement and more people will show up and join the group, so forth.


1. These MUST be used. If you wish to make a poem, fine, we love poems but the hint gear itself must be used even if it simply says "See poem below."  It can NOT say "find this object" or "look inside the shop".  It has to have a HINT.

2. Hint object should be rezzed on your hunt sign or at the rez-point


1.  Hunt Objects cannot be changed in any way, shape or form. You will receive one warning; after that you will be removed from the hunt.


3. You may have between 5 and 10 visible decoys at any time. Remember, not everyone likes decoys and the more you have out, the more frustrated the hunters become. They can be great entertainment if done correctly, but they can backfire, so think carefully before using decoys.

4. Hunt item cannot be completely hidden inside something.  Hiding it behind an invisiprim is extremely frustrating to beginning hunters.

5. Box your hunt prize(s).  If you wish to include a landmark to your store, put your landmark inside that box.


1. We will now REQUIRE that you have a gift for girls and a gift for boys. If you wish to just do something unisex, that's fine. But there will either be something for both boys and girls or one unisex giftie.


We have two options, restrict the number of merchants that can enter to a manageable number, which would probably be 100, or put new and stricter rules into place to help things run smoother and be able to have 200 applications be accepted.

We know not everyone will like these rules but they're necessary and they will be enforced.

The one to enforce the rules will be: JoseDiego Silverspar.

You'll love me at times and you'll hate me at times for the rules the admins decide on and that I enforce but they need to be here.

JoseDiego Silverspar

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  1. I completed my Silk Road application using the browser within Firestorm in sl for the first time. I don't entirely trust FS browser. HOw can I be sure it was received? thanks


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