Monday, February 28, 2011
Well it is here !!!!   The Hunt is On!!!!
March 1st to March 30th
Steam 4 The Hunt
This is Steam 4
Starting March 1st to March 31st
This is not just about and limited to the Steam land nations
It is all about Virtual Steam punk through Out the entire Grid !
Breezy Carver shall also be bloging on occasion for hunt on her own daily personal Blog
The list of Virtual Steam punk Merchants  Who's Who is A Steamy Mix ..
180+ shops packed with goodies for all to hunt and find
Some like to start at start other enjoy starting at the end..
So no matter if you start at 1 or 189  Just have fun !!!
First Shop is here
Or if You would like to be extra Steamy
You can begin at the Last Shop 
Chantel Gold Bangle Set Amethyst Rose
Store Number: #39
Store Contact Person: Liliana Bethune
Steampunk Steampowered Jet Pack
Store Number: # 27
Store Name: AdelleArts Manor Fashions
 Store Contact Person: Ellie Honi
Rusty steampunk style lamp with gears and puffs of steam.
Store Number: # 182
Store Name:  Spats
Store Contact Person: Melean Restless
Well one more day till the Hunt begins ..
and we have some nice pr brewing already ..
The Dynamic Dr Rafael Fabre ..((my dear Partner))
was kind enough to give the hunt a shout :)

Double Dragon Gold Men's Suit
Store Number: # 22
Store Name:  Avatar Bizarre
Store Contact Person:Sredni Eel
It is a large (5m diam) Steam-powered wheel vehicle based on vintage technology.
Store Number: # 47
Store Name : Xcentricity Port Babbage
 Store CONTACT PERSON: Nix Sands
Steamy Relaxation Steam tub
Store Number: # 158
Store Name:Damned Good Design
Store CONTACT PERSON: Avril Korman
Sunday, February 27, 2011
The Fight or Flight
Store Number: # 13
Store Name: Twisted Metal SteamWorks
Store CONTACT PERSON: Leona Upshaw
The Suit
Store Number: 65
Store Name: NachtMusik 
 Store CONTACT PERSON:  Draco Nacht, Theodore Nacht   
The Steampunk Telsa Clock
Store Number: #135
Store Name: Noddy Stuff
 Store CONTACT PERSON:  Noddington Schmooz
Saturday, February 26, 2011
YaY!! Its time to share some Sneak Peek Photos Of The 4th Annual Steam Hunt Wonderful Creative Prizes !!!
Twirlsssss in .... lands .. gracefully :)
looks around ..  and smiles ..  Oh lovely  site here .. JD ..  Thank YOU and pets the ware wolf !!
Greetings all .. I am your sneak peek hostess Breezy Carver Fabre and ... Yes it is time .. 
It is time for sneak peek Preview of  Prizes  share !!
From now till I do not have anymore photos ..((frowns))  I shall be posting three photos daily ((yay!))
The details and creative of these wonderful designers are Just Delicious !!!
More info, details and good good creative to come !!
Thank YOU to each of YOU .. including toady's fabulous Designers !!! 
We shall  Start with This Adorable Topper .. The Steamer from
Store Number: 160
Store Name: Luvsmore Fashion Gismos and Gadgets
Store CONTACT PERSON: Janeluvsmore darkfold
Next up this Adorable steampunk ensemble !!
The Victorian Spy
Store Number: 117
Store Name: Snowpaws
Store CONTACT PERSON: Carrie Snowpaw
Next these Beautiful crafted and Designed Wings !!
Gift name: Gearhouse Wings
Store: .:.:: Malfean Visions ::.:.
Store number 138
Owner: Lokii Violet

Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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