Monday, September 5, 2011
Greetings ...
Hello More Photos of Prizes From Steam The Hunt !!!!!
Amazing Prizes I might Add !!
It is my Pleasure to Blog these for Steam The Hunt .
So Far I have blogged Sixty Shops
and I still have and Would Love More Photos
The More Info I get The more I can say About Your Prizes
Please send me
Shop Name
Shop Number
Prize name
with your Prize Photo to me @ email below
 Steam Powered Nuts
Shop #59
Details about the gift:
Attachable no-rez option.
SPN’s 4th generation Advanced Vehicle, don’t wan to rez it? just attach it! (wear)
32 Prim “No-Extra=Attachments” Physics enhanced.
6 gear customizable handling.
Flight Enabled “Gyro-Hover”
Adjustable Seats, Handlebar, and Footbar.
Owner-Only or Public Ride Mode.
Custom-made high-quality realistic  textures.
100% mono low-lag scripting.
Built-in updater, for life-time  free updates!
SPN's Steampunk designs place emphasis on the "Mechanical" and "Engineering", as well as "Tesla" influence. SPN is an avid supporter of Steampunk Role-Play Combat communities. Tesla Isle is the home of Steam Powered Nuts, within the massive Steampunk Megaplex. Steam Powered Nuts has played a key role in helping to proliferate and maintain continued interest in Steampunk within Second Life communities since 2005.
Shop # 180
Cardboard box Living
Darling Bath and Spy and Yay Box
Animations  .. Just Adorable !!
Shop # 18
Spare Parts !
Wicked Fun Topper Hat and Classy Steamy Boutonniere 
 Keshiki Garden Center
Shop Number: 66
Japanese Devil Steampunk Mask is made to be displayed on a wall/other location or worn
(attaches to chin).
 The Golden Oriole's
 store #128,
[OO] Traveller's HUD
This handy, little HUD is a MUST HAVE for every brave sim traveller or region owner.
It is powerful sim diagnostic / statistic tool to monitor the average performance of a region, detects lag and alerts the owner if the performance is dropping below a given value or the avatar count reaches a specified number (configurable via an easy to use menu system).
It also provides detailed info and statistics about the sim, it's server, the current parcel and the actual weather at the region.
 Montagne Noire
Shop #104
 a steampunk tea set!
This Steampunk inspired scripted tea set features a steaming tea pot and two steaming cups of tea on a cherry wood serving tray. Touch the tea pot and a separate cup of tea will be delivered to your inventory -- wearing the cup animates your avatar to simulate drinking from the cup.
The tray can either be set on a table, or worn on your avatar's right arm for serving.
Shop# 161
Nicolai's Dream -
Steampunk Skybox
Crazy Amazons
Steampunk Garden
Shop name: ANYU
Shop# 157
for the Gentleman: steampunk hat + pirate scarf
for the Lady: Tribal belly dance steampunk headdress


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