Friday, November 25, 2011
 Shop Name: AdelleArts Manor Fasions
Creator Name: Ellie Honi
Shop Number: 46
Short Description of Gift: Outfits for Female and Male
Shop Name: AdelleArts Manor Fasions
Creator Name: Ellie Honi
Shop Number: 46
Short Description of Gift: Outfits for Female and Male
Shop Name Crazy Amazons
Creator Name Johanna Joubert
 Shop Number ..94
the gift is a castle, only 44 prims, foot print 36x41,
inspired by the french castle of Azay-Le-Rideau in the Loire Valley.
it's name is in fact "Azay"
Alma Fantasy- Alma Preminger-
Shop number 54
The Alchemist laboratory.
"I have created furnaces and and alchemist paraphernalia with moving particules and sounds. I have also added an renaissance bookcase, a writing desk with quill ,book and scroll. Touch to get these. Also menu driven seat with reading and writing animations,an oil lamp, an inkwell,a lectern.
Shop Name: aQ creating lifestyles
Creator Name: artemide Qunhua
Shop Number: 69
Short Description of Gift:
Renaissance harpsichord with sit & play poses,
open/close lid and music: My Lady Carey's Dompe
Shop Name:          Park Place Home Decor
Creator Name:      DeAnn Dufaux
Shop Number:      #78
 Short Description of Gift: 
Two Italian Renaissance Chairs -
 one for him and one for her with hers including a small footstool. 
There are menu-driven animations that can be easily adjusted for the individual avatar. 
Also included are props - a fan and a book - that are given for the appropriate animations. 
Shop Name: Spyralle
Creator Name: Kerryth Tarantal
Shop Number: 58
Short Description of Gift: A fine tapestry in the decorative style of the Renaissance,
 approximately 3m x 3m. 2 prim version with subtle shadow,
one prim version without shadow. Copy only.

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