Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Greetings  Steam Hunt 8 is on !!!
Here is just a peek of Some of the wonderful Prizes !!
Store: Zoe's Garden
Number: 096
Contact: Adele Rhiadra
Store name: Arctor Shipyards 
Number: 92
 name: Sidney Arctor
Iron Tiger Jewelry
Shop #034
Store Name: LilArt Creation
Store Number: 67
Store Owner: Lilia Artis
Store name: House of ACCentaury,
Store # 62
Contact: Haveit Neox
GUGU DADA lipsticks
store number = 98
prizes => a red lipstick with teeth and a "lost world" T-shirt
owners = Guran Zelin & Rediqueti Overland
 designs by Sebastian here.
Shop number 13
Sebastian Dionysus,
the "Flying Pterodactyl"
Chuckles I hope everyone gets a kick out of it. 
Park Place Home Decor
Shop number: # 102
DeAnn Dufaux
 Always Eclectic
One for the Guys and Gals

 Always Eclectic
One for the Guys and Gals

store name, The steam rose
number, 15
Nymlet Resident
Ro!Act Designs -
Shop number  #103
Ariana Monaron
I will have a Mini Hunt in my shop and have 3 gifts for SteamHunt
Gift1: Victorian Chamber Wall "The Lost World"
Gift2: Animated Rainforest Landscape
Gift3: Animated Huayangosaurus Alpha Set
Sanna Jupiter
Shop Number: 059
A mad science 
shop number 29
 ambiant Kukulcan
The Land of Nodd
two gifts I am offering in this iteration of the STEAM hunt: Dino Riders. 
One carries on its back, the other in its mouth.
 Animated mesh attachments (they walk as you walk/run, etc).
 Ankh Morpork
shop number 048
Janeel Kharg
  Ankh Morpork
shop number 048
Janeel Kharg
  Ankh Morpork
shop number 048
Janeel Kharg
 Ankh Morpork
shop number 048
Janeel Kharg
 Ankh Morpork
shop number 048
Janeel Kharg

Tattoo Lane
Goddess Fantasies
Shop number 114

Store name: =Axo's=
Store number: #101
Contact: Axolotl Icthan
Store #115 {Co*Motion}
 Krista Darbyshire
Store: Dragon Magick Wares
Store # 009
Owner: Dragonia DeCuir
 *~by Nacht
Shop # 36
Fox Nacht
store name: Emma's @ Blue Moose
number in hunt: 007
Emma Krokus


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