Thursday, February 26, 2015
Steam X Hunt
March 1 - 31, 2015
Theme is Steam:  The Dream
Here is a peek at some Steam X gifts!
(Part 3)
Store:  Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hunt stop #43
Store owner:  Lindy (Delinda Abbot)
Finest quality women's shoes, both modern and vintage, at reasonable prices. Now with shoes for men, as well.

Store:  Zoe's Garden
Hunt stop #71
Store owner:  Adele Rhiadra
ZOE'S GARDEN - a flower store created to celebrate a love of flowers.  Zoe's Garden carries sculpted flowers, wedding items, potted trees, floral arrangements, as well as outdoor landscaping, fountains and furniture. Zoe's Garden specializes in creating unique and colorful arrangements that you will not find anywhere else in SL.

Store:  Pierre Ceriano
Hunt stop #44
Store owner:  Pierre Ceriano

Store:  Rainy Fey Creations
Hunt stop #73
Store owner:  Nyree Rain

Store:  The Vintage Touch
Hunt stop #67
Store owner:  Elysiane Sapphire  
The Vintage Touch specializes in vintage-infused quality products with timeless style. Currently featuring furniture, home accessories, clothing, and artwork. Inventory changes frequently, so visit often!  Now home to my lovely collection of gachas, filled with wondrous and unique things :D

Store:  [noctis]
Hunt stop #50
Store owner:  Yelly Donut (Yelena Istmal)
Steamdream trundle bed with accessories and wall light.
[noctis] makes dark Victorian furniture and homeware with sprinklings of Steampunk, goth and horror.

Store:  Roots & Wings Clothing
Hunt stop #79
Store owner:  Eliza Cabassoun
Christopher Men's Steampunk Shirt, Victoria Steampunk Blouse, Violetta Bustle Skirt, and Violetta Steampunk Boots

Store:  gatcha's bubbles
Hunt stop #18
Store owner:  Gaio's Property (swaming Writer)

Store:  Park Place Home Décor
Hunt stop #13
Store owner:  DeAnn Dufaux

Store:  LaNoir Soleil Designs
Hunt stop #27
Store owner:  Caresia Adored / SonnetSoleil

Store:  Cedar Bay Furnishings
Hunt stop #72
Store owner:  Tibouchina Freschi
Cedar Bay offers elegant, interactive antiques with exclusive textures, rich sets of props and top animations, all designed to make your SL more fun. This smart wardrobe valet was inspired by dreams of an Upstairs, Downstairs/Downton Abbey life - steampunk style, of course! It is all mesh, low LI, and will rez & display up to 9 wardrobe items for ladies & gents. Designed to enhance your home and role play, these are not intended for wearing - at least not yet!
**Bonaventure shop (main)**

Hunt stop #8
Store owner:  Rediqueti Overland
Beautiful lipstick for girls and many unissex tattoos for both girls and boys.
Store:  Virtual Textures
Hunt stop #75
Store owner:  Chica Indigo
Watch for more of what is in store
when you
Blogger:  XMarieX Fairport

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