Sunday, March 1, 2015
Steam X Hunt
March 1 - 31, 2015
Theme is Steam:  The Dream
Here is a peek at some Steam X gifts!
(Part 5)

Store:  Goddess Fantasies
Hunt stop #4
Store owner:  Tattoo Lane
For the ladies an outfit "Steamed lady", for the gents a tattoo, a set of shelves and a cogs picture.

Store:  Rag Dollz
Hunt stop #40
Store owner:  Emedea Morgenstern
Steampunk meets Ireland!

Store:  Texture Junction
Hunt stop #65
Store owner:  Philomena Steampunk
A Steampunk texture set featuring wonderful, dark themed fabrics and alphas.

Store:  Casa de Bebe
Hunt stop #12
Store owner:  Bebe Begonia
Steampunk Lamp, mesh 11 li
My store is French & European Antiques

Store:  Spyralle
Hunt stop #70
Store owner:  Kerryth Tarantal
Steampunk inspired mesh monocle with gear and fractal embellishment, all original. The monocle is unisex and modifiable. Spyralle is an eclectic collection of wearable art and odds and ends for the home and garden, all embellished with the designers original fractals.

Store:  Potpourri Designs
Hunt stop #56
Store owner:  Alexandra (AlexandraLara)
The Steam Dreams Mobile plays a lullaby on touch.  Mesh, 7 prims with base, 6 without.  Copy.
Store:  Fairey Angel Creations
Hunt stop #48
Store owner:  Jillian Fairey

Store:  **DSO**
Hunt stop #83
Store owner:  Starla (Starla Oconner)
A slightly eclectic mix of current fashions, historical outfits, and a few choice accessories. Custom colors on all current outfits available, and 100% Custom Tattoos available too!
Store:  ~*W I L L O W*~ Jewels & Designs
Hunt stop #38
Store owner:  Willow (Willowbrandybuck Resident)
Please visit our inworld store for 4 Hunt gifts & exclusive custom made jewels and crowns. 

Store:  Dandy and Niki Creations
Hunt stop #57
Store owner:  Dandara Swords
Enjoy hunting
Steam:  The Dream
Blogger:  XMarieX Fairport

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