Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Silk Road Hunt VI: The Roman Empire

June 1 - June 30, 2015

Hunt Prize Preview #2

Heus!!  That means "listen up, everyone" in Latin - the official language of the Roman empire.  In today's prize preview for The Silk Road Hunt VI, we're going to learn some Latin so that we don't all end up sounding like barbari (that's Latin for "barbarians") as we trek the empire in search of our SRH6 gifts.

But primum primis - "first things first."  You'll be starting the hunt at the Imperial Palace in Mieville, Dickens.  And here's a picture of the hunt object, which is a nifty little tan pagoda decorated with elegant gold leaf.  You'll see a copy of it as a hint-giver near the landing point for each shop.

SRH6 Hunt Object

Today's group of prize pictures shows carus mercibus - "precious wares" of all kinds.  So let's take a look at what today's merchants have in store for us if we find that cute little gift pagoda at each stop.

Vestimentum (Clothing)


Litteratura et Arte (Literature and Art)


Gemma (Jewelry)


Supellex (Furniture & Household Goods)

#047 - The Vintage Touch

#018 - Jan's Bazaar
(A total of 8 gifts in a mini-hunt, plus a toga free gift)


Aedificatoria et Commeatus (Buildings & Building Supplies)

Nunc egredere, et praemia invenire! (You'll have to translate this one on your own.)


  1. It's a realistic simulation, just like a dream image. The realism is perfect.

    Holiday Palace

  2. Very interesting is my first visit, thank you for the updates, I like your articles and nature.


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