Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Renaissance Hunt V
1-30 September, 2015

... from the archived correspondence of Her Royal Majesty, Elizabeth I of England

By the Queene
Elizabeth R.

Whereas My subjects clamor for both entertainment and the finest clothing, furnishings, and other goods, and our Merchants produce the finest of wares, and  it is Our Royal Will that a Faire shall be held upon the fields of Mieville Shelley from the first day through the last day of September wherein there shall be much mirth and entertainment, and the merchants shall cause their finest wares to be sold.   

Our desire is that among the entertainments of the aforesaid Faire, the organizers shall cause small prizes to be hidden in a Minihunt across the Faire grounds for the enjoyment of any who show wit enough to find them.

Hunt Object
Further, We hereby give Our Royal License for a grand Hunt to take place during the same month of September for the enjoyment of Our subjects.  This Hunt shall originate at the Faire grounds and extend to the farthest reaches of Our realm.  Each merchant is ordered to place a gift of quality inside a multi-hued, gargoyle-shaped object, to hide that object on the shop premises, and to provide a clue as to the location of said gargoyle.  Those persons of sufficient wit to decipher the clue and find the hidden object, shall receive the merchant’s most excellent gift.

We have, via Royal Courier, received news from many of our merchants of the fine gifts they intend to bestow upon those who can find them, and the clerks of the Royal Warehouse have tallied and pictured them below for the benefit of any who wish to search them out.

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