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SEPTEMBER 1-30, 2017



 The Renaissance was a time for rediscovery of forgotten knowledge and exploration and discovery of new knowledge.  It was also the golden age of European monarchs.  Kings, Queens, and their fools, have captured the imaginations and intrigued us from that time to this.
This hunt focuses on the various monarchs and their favorite fools.
The role of the fool was not merely that of entertainer but advisor of things monarchs did not want to hear.  Under the guise of their foolery, they commented on issues, people, and events.

Designed by SebastianTiogar (Sebby)
 Perryn Peterson, Mayor of Mieville & Producer of the "Historical Hunts, Ltd."
and the "Historical Hunts, Ltd. Merchants"
invites you to enjoy the wonderful Renaissance Faire which opens September 1, 2017.

There will be 72 stops in this grid-wide hunt.
  You will be searching for the ever elusive Gargoyle pictured below.

Perryn Peterson
The Hunt begins at stop #001 The Renaissance Faire
 which among other things boasts a delightful Mini-hunt
whose gifts are provided compliments of the Historical Group Merchants.
The details of the mini-hunt are available at the landing.

You will also receive a Gargoyle Shoulder Pet at your 1st stop
Be sure to wear/add to help the gargoyles to rez faster at each stop.
Created by Wyvern Dryke

 #002 - Lantian/FLOX
Wyvern Dryke


#003 - Mountain Rose
SebastianTiogar Resident, SophiaKennocha Resident, Meadow Copperfield

14 stop mini-hunt providing a large variety of gifts including animated furniture,
clothing for adult & child, Da Vinci's inventions, Gazebo, & furniture for Petites,
including a fun Parachute Tour thru a wormhole of history
(a big thank you to Bugs Larnia for her assistance in this endeavor.)

Our shops contain the original works by our creative family.  Offering a wide range of items for avatars of all ages! Outfits for CK Toddler and Toddleedoo Avatars, to children, boy/girl, adult male/female outfits, including outfits for daily wear, formal wear, vintage and themed.
Fantasy, historical and modern homes and a vast selection of furnishings.  Plus a variety of whimsical offerings including Wyrmwood eggs and food.


#004 Black Magnolia Imports
MatildaRigby Resident (Miss Mattie Puss)

BMI His Majesty's Cloth Textures

Specializing in a vast array of Textures

#005 %Percent

#006 Amulet

Male & Female sitting animation

#007 Kismet
Cierra Anatine

*K* Margaery Heartback Chair

Four sims of medieval and classic old world homes, furniture, kitchens, and accessories for your castle, manor house, mansion, or cottage.  Everything for Medieval, Celtic, fantasy, Renaissance,  Victorian, and Gorean role play lifestyles.

#008 Hands in the Sand Beach Gallery
Ktahdn Vesuvino

Series of Isotropic Textures

The "shop" is actually a gallery of sand sculptures, along with a museum of sand and history.
All sales go to support Mieville.

#009 LilArt Creation
Lilia Artis

Linen 'The Royal Court', full perm textures

A shop full of beautiful full perm textures

#010 Suki's Silken Fashions

#011 Storybook Cats

Privacy Screens - Large & Small

#012 Eclectic Stars
 Jadziyah Resident

Paintastic - Elizabeth Regina

    Geeky clothes, accessories, and home décor

#013 Whymsical Marketplace

Elizabethan Crown

Welcome to the avatars as well as ND/MD Dolly, ND/MD Little Me, Yabusaka Petite Avatars, Toddleedoo Baby, Belleza, The Mesh Project, Maitreya, Slink Physique and Fix Mesh Papaya. I have Lucky Boards. New items added Daily.

#014 Casa de Bebe
Bebe Begonia

Marriage Chest 

French & European period Antiques

#015 Lunar Seasonal Designs
Lunar Tripsa

Eat Like a Fool Table & Chairs

#016 Texworks


#017 Simply Shelby
Shelby Olivier

Autumn Chandelier

 Whimsical designs for your home & garden mixed with a splash of fantasy!   Simply Shelby features seasonal, holiday, furniture, decorations, garden & gifts items.
Gorean, Medieval, & Fantasy Role Play Items also available.


#018 Park Place Home Décor
DeAnn Dufaux

Renaissance Side Bench

Park Place Home Decor has a large assortment of elegant furniture that includes living room, bedroom, office/study, dining, and kitchen sets in a variety of genres.

#019 Panda Panda Store

Music Box playing Theme to Game of Thrones

#020 Bibliothèque de Coeur

#021 AdelleArts Manor Fashions

#022 KittyCat's Creations
Kittycat Ninetails

We make drinks, decanters, furniture, textures, mesh, sculpts and scripts.  If we do not have a drink, and you want it, we are delighted to make it for you.  Custom work is our specialty.

#023 Papilio Store

Papilio:. Jester Mask

6 Years building fullperm components for builders:
mesh architectural, furniture, apparel and more, textures, and animated poses.
Join the store group and get 10% off on fullperm items

#024 ACCentaury
Haveit Neox

Jester Donkey
Accentaury is located in an art gallery neighborhood on the ACC Alpha sim

#025 Cake Fox

Oak Side Table

#026 GypsyRose

#027  :TMD: Thistle Moon Design
FlowerTower Resident

Crown of Royals

#028  Spyralle
Kerryth Tarantal

Spyralle Elizabethan Ruffs
*Please note! These are unisex and modifiable. Lace is not for ladies only.

Spyralle provides baubles and curiosities of various sorts, some wearable, all decorative.

#029 Tanelorn Manor Designs
Muroc Scorfield & Hollywood Topaz

Kings, Queens & Fools Table Clock

Quality builds - specializing in high fantasy creations
castles, cottages, gazebos, furniture, lamps etc.
Muroc & Holly welcome you !!!

#030  Lae's Gallery
Laeluna Galuptra

Pitcher of Mead (Gives a goblet of mead)

#031 Virtual Textures
Chica Indigo

[VT] Renaissance Fabrics

Virtual Textures sells high quality original textures. Our designs include builder's basics like woods, terrain, and stucco, to more elaborate designs like steampunk, medieval and industrial.

#032 Tayren's Fantasy Fashions
Tayren Theas

The King's Fool - Unisex Jester Costume for Men, Women and Children

#033 Rainy Fey Creations
 Nyree Rain

Hellcrown & Hellcrown Necklace

Fantasy and Steampunk Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories.

#034 Neon Deer
MsCheeseSauce (Alex ''Cheese'' Sauce)

Little Mouse King Shoulder Pet

Neon Deer is a fun and colorful store specializing in unique mesh items,
ranging from decor, to accessories, to furniture, and even pets!

#035 Tamiron Forge


#036 Timeless Textures
Serenek Timeless (Sere Timeless)

Timeless Textures-High Quality Low Prices Winner of Best Customer Service & Best Wood Textures for the 2016 Rezzies as well as a runner up for the Avi Choice Awards in 2016, 2015 & 2013 Timeless Textures has been featured 19 times on Happy Hunting TV

#037 Miss Darcy

#038 Feyline Fashion

#039 Emma's @ Blue Moose
Emma Krokus

Emma's One Day Your Prince Will Come Fountain
Weird, wacky, cute, surprising, low land impact home & garden & whimsical stuff :)

#040 Pierre Ceriano
Pierre Ceriano

Renaissance tapestries - 5 Full Perms Textures

His store offers Full Perm Mesh objects & Textures

#041 ~XM~ Designs
XMarieX Fairport

Kings, Queens & Fools Head Toppers

All proceeds from sales and donations help to fund a needed Service Dog!
Please help to bring this Musketeer home!

#042 Orchid Petal Designs

Apples From the Royal Garden

#043 Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

#044 Les Arts de Saint-Bruno
 Tiamat Windstorm (Antiquity Community)

All are Fools in Death: Satirical Art by Hans Holbein

Be sure to enjoy the wonderful mini-hunt provided again this year

#045 *baci shop*
bacidalucia Oh

#046 The Rug Shop
Sasheba Looming

King, Queen & Fool rugs (3 gifts)

Since 2008! Weaving colorful ~Contemporary ~ Rugs with borders.
Affordable & Non scripted. Modern, Carpet, Tapestry, Rug, Mat, Home Decor.


#047 COVETED! Adult Sim
Tifridh Fallen (ЄҲƠƬƖƇƛ )


#048 Dragon Pavilion
Julia Auditore (jac104) & Claire-Sophie de Rocoulle (tjay007)

Elizabethan Food Table
Dragon Pavilion offers classically inspired home and garden decor items for the historical home and palace. We also do custom Builds and Private basic Building Lessons.

#049 Time & Space Medieval Market
Janeel Kharg

This is a mini hunt so many gifts to find.

#050 RVi Design
Roshy Aura

#051 :MTD Designs
Ouminakati Aboubakar



#052 All Things Beautiful

#053 Impertinences

#054 Dragon Lady's Closet
DragonLady Majestic     DragonLadys Engineer

#055 [noctis]

#056 Ara Couture

#057 Steaming Ahead

#058 Jacon Cortes Designs

#059 Jessixa Cazalet for Prism Designs
 Jezzixa Cazalet

Lucia Formal Gown for her and Piero Travelers Cloak for him

Founded in 2008, Prism Designs creates and sells clothing for women and men, under the brands Prism Designs, Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs and Prism Designs Men.All of the divisions are conveniently located on the Bal Harbour sim. 
We wish to create an extraordinary guest experience that excites both in soul and mind. 
"Prism Designs ... adding color to your Second Life"

#060 Buccaneer's Restorations
 Bitsy Buccaneer

Sanna Jupiter

Le Chateau Royal de Chambord SET

#062 Tylar's Treasures

#063 Cherry's Decorating Service

#064 Jinxed Toys & Magic!

#065 Just Imagine
Vita Theas

Vita wreath resizable - Hat medieval red (wolf)
Since 2008 Just Imagine creates quality clothes for ladies.
Be simply stylish during every moment of the day.
Just Imagine carries clothing for appropriate for role-playing,

medieval events and renaissance occasions.

#066 Eklektikos
Isabel Philly

Royal Flush Garden Table

Royal Flush Garden Bench
Royal Flush Card Table & Chairs
Royal Flush Stained Glass Gazebo

[Eklektikos] offers a variety of items, well, pretty much whatever pops into the creator's (me) head.  You can find furniture, art, decor, maybe even some clothing.  

I create for Biggies, Petites and everything in-between.
There are Petite Only items and/or resizable items for almost everything I make.

  In the petite area there are some exclusive items, ie the Biggie Collection.  

The main store location contains standard and child items.  Use the teleport next to the ad board and it will take you to the Petite items.
Coming soon, another tp will get you to outdoor items.

#067An Lema, Alqualonde the Swanhaven

AelKennyr Rhiano

The Solar Small Throne

#068 Rozamyndi's
Rozamyndi Brimm

Gents'gift Rozamyndi's & Ladies gift Rozamyndi's

#070 Lillou's Designs
Lillou Merlin

#071 Eclectic Fusion Emporium
Artful Hammerer

EF-Art: The Jester

The Eclectic Fusion Emporium, run by Artful Hammerer.
Steampunk Clocks, components and ephemera.


#072 The Renaissance Faire
Receive your "I finished the Hunt" gift(s)
and be sure to vote for your favorite 5.
You are also encouraged to list those you feel deserve honorable mention.
As always, your comments are appreciated.

Visit often as new submissions will be added as received.
 A giant "thank you" to all the merchants participating, 
to Wyvern Dryke for preparing and distributing the hunt pagodas,
to Tailahr Winnikow for maintaining all the updates,
and to Perryn Peterson for producing another successful Renaissance Hunt.

Happy Hunting
Meadow Copperfield


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Steam the Hunt
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Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
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The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
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