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SILK ROAD HUNT X - JUNE 1-30, 2019
Shoguns and Samurai
Perryn Peterson, Mayor of Mieville and Producer of the Historical Hunts, Ltd. and
the Historical Hunts, Ltd. Merchants invite you to enjoy Silk Road X
 The beautiful Asian Gardens awaits you at the start of the hunt!
Use this LINK to get there, then explore and enjoy before heading off on the Hunt.
001 - Imperial Palace
Perryn Peterson 

Now a tradition: when there's a Mieville shopping event, there will be a point-collecting-game-for-gifts.  For the Asian Gardens Market, it will be Lucky Lanterns.
Pick up your free HUD near the landing.  When you find the lanterns scattered throughout the Market click on them to collect points to redeem for gifts of your choice with participating merchants.  The gifts will be in a display in front of the donor merchant's event shop.  The amount of points required to get the gift will be in hover text at the top.
Look for this Hint Pagoda on or near the Silk Road Hunt Poster at all your stops.
The hints will lead you to the Gift Pagoda that will be within 30 meters of the landing unless there are tracks leading you toward it, or in the event of a side hunt there will be ample hints, but if you need more help you can always ask in the Historical Group Chat, so be sure and join.
At your first stop you'll receive a Bracelet to wear to help the successive pagodas to rez.

It's a good idea to check group notices for those shops that might not be ready yet!

002 - ~Lantian/FLOX~    
Wyvern Dryke (Wyvvy the Snuggleflox)
Variety shop with Fantasy, Scifi, Exotic, and Steampunk themes

003 - Mountain Rose
SebastianTiogar (Sebby), Meadow Copperfield,
SophiaKennocha, & Ceir Sinclair

The Mountain Rose family is offering a 14 stop mini-hunt. 
Search for 13 Roses which will lead you to a final Pagoda Gift.
The Shops of Mountain Rose contain the original works of our creative family. 
They offer a wide range of items for avatars of all ages!

004 - Tai'Dyed
Tailahr Winnikow (Tai'lahr)
 A unique twist on this and that

005 - Storybook Cats Shop 
 Unalunaqat Resident & Stangbo Resident  

  Selling KittyCats! Breedable Cats, Gacha resale, and original artwork.    

006 - Lunar Seasonal Designs
 Lunar Tripsa      
Bring fun, whimsy and fantasy into your home and garden!  Animals, Plants, furniture, beach, more!  A little bit of lots of things to appeal to many!
007 - Arcadia Asylum Library & Freebie 
Briony Juran
Japanese Bird House
Visit the Arcadia Asylum Library containing over 1400 free creations of Arcadia Asylum and her alts.  It's a full sim packed with Pirates, Hobos, Steampunk, Clockworks, Outer Space, Tropical Islands, Merfolk & Sea Creatures, Ships & Subs, and more!

008 - AdelleArts Manor Fashions 
Ellie Honi
AdelleArts Manor Fashions is a huge store with over 1400 fantasy outfits covering a huge variety of genres. A good place to spend some time with also a few surprises!
009 - LilArtCreation 

LilArtCreation Textures are composed from her self made RL material. They include her paintings, drawings, photos and sculptures.   All her textures are sold Full Perm.
010 - Thistle Moon Designs 
FlowerTower Resident (Carline Thistle Studley Moon)

  Historical, modern, and fun clothing and accessories for the whole family!
011 - Buccaneer's Restorations 
Digitally restored ancient art and antiquities
012 - GypsyRose 
GypsyRose Botanical (Miss Idinna DOIT) 

Mish Mosh Dinkie Toodledoo Baby Niramyth Tshirts and Maternity Attire
013 - RVi Design 
Roshy Aura

RVi Design offers variety of personal, indoor and outdoor accessories, builds and landscape designs! Great styles from the glamor contemporary look to the rustic feel of medieval and ancient fiction worlds where Elves, Dragons and Faeries come from!
014 - Epic Toy Factory 
015 - Spyralle 
Kerryth Tarantal
Eclectic and imaginative wearables and rezzables,
 making second lives more colorful for ten years.  
016 - Texture Junction 
poster on the backside of Hunts board 
017 - Lorin's Sound Effects 
018 - Eclectic Stars 
 Jadziyah Resident
~ Use ALL HUNTS HINTS giver next to poster~
Eclectic Stars- A little bit cheeky, many bits geeky! Tired of the same old decorations? Looking for some rated: awesome clothes & accessories? Don't fall victim to boring- see ES! Fun for houses & avatars of all shapes & sizes w/ a unique geek flavor!
019 - Simply Shelby 
Shelby Olivier (Shelby Thor)

Whimsical designs for your home & garden mixed with a splash of fantasy!   Simply Shelby features original mesh,  seasonal, holiday, furniture, decorations, garden galore & gifts. Medieval, & Fantasy Role Play Items also available. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
020 - Bibliotheque de Coeur 
 Farzaneh Eel
021 - Tamiron Forge 
Tamiron Landar (Tamiron Landar1)
Role Play costumes and accessories, Bento Shapes,   Hair & Urban wear
022 - Park Place Home Decor 
DeAnn Dufaux
Park Place Home has a large assortment of fine furniture that includes living room, bedroom, office/study, and dining rooms.  There is also a nice selection of outdoor furniture for beach, deck, patio, or garden as well as original artwork and decorative accessories.
023 - Les Arts de Saint-Bruno 
Tiamat Windstorm

The Onna-Bugeisha
Fine Art in Antiquity, from Medieval to Victorian Times.
NOTE: The 15-sim Antiquity Estate is holding a Silk Road mini-hunt,
starting at Les Arts de Saint-Bruno.
 Explore Antiquity while seeking our wandering samurai hunt cat, Furuffy-Daimyo!
024 - SL Exploration Society 
A small intrepid group of adventurous explorers relying on their wits and steampunkery to see them through. Marvelous inventions pressed into service.  Airships are to be expected on occasion. Whimsy is to be expected constantly. Steampunk spoken here.
025 - Kittycat's Creations 
026 - Steaming Ahead 
027 - Emma's @ Blue Moose 
028 - Roawenwood - DROPPED
029 - Aster's Builts 
Custom made wedding invitations, gifts, reception hall, chapel, seasonal gifts,
flowers, bridal flowers, and accessories
030 - Panda Panda Store 
Liam Metaluna
Music boxes, wall panels, wind sculptures, often with an Asian flair 
031 - Nabrej Art & Design - ADULT
nabrej Aabye
Builders and Creators Fullperm Meshes & Sculpties,
low prim and quality items and houses, landscaping.
032 - Alli&Ali Designs 

Over 900 Hairstyles for men, women, kids, furries
033 - DKM - DROPPED 
034 - Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs
Jezzixa Cazalet

Womans Fashions for the Virtual You
035 - USC Textures 
Eagle Wilder
~ Use HUNT HINTS giver next to poster.
USC Textures - Quality Textures at an Affordable Price since 2007
036 - Flying Arts 
dergirlo Resident
Eclectic and sometimes eccentric offerings of food, furnishing, fashion, fun , buildings, photo props, landscaping and more. Creating whatever catches our imagination and offering it up to enrich your enjoyment of Second Life.
037 - Cake Fox 
Pieni Resident    
 My hunt gift is a bowl with a candle in it, because during Samurai times, and beyond, there have been amazing experts for pottery and glazing in China, Japan and Korea for example.
 My texture is not exactly a copy of their patterns.
 But the color is pretty close to one of the popular shades

038 - MTD Designs 
Ouminakati Aboubakar (Oumi)
Clothes - Shoes - Accessories - Funny Avatars & Funny Tiny
Décorations - Architecture - Textures
039 - [noctis] 
Victorian/vintage homeware and decor
040 - All Things Beautiful 
Texture shop
041 - Rainy Fey Creations
Nyree Rain
Fantasy & Steampunk clothing, jewelry, and accessories
042 - Timeless Textures 
043 - Accentaury 
Haveit Neox
Full perm textures
044 - SANNA Science & Art 
Sanna Jupiter
~ Poster is SouthEast of landing.
 SL's finest selection of more than 2000 full perm animated textures of all kind: Fire, Water, Cyber, Steampunk, Vintage, Psychedelic, Disco, Animals, Landscapes, Love, Halloween, Christmas and much more ! Group- and Free Gifts, MM Boards and Lucky Chairs
045 - Douglas Fairlady 
Home, shop and sim decoration
046 - Jacon Cortes Designs 
047 - The Rug Shop 
Sasheba Looming
~ Poster is inside of shop, directly ahead.
The decor should reflect who YOU are .... then leave it's mark.
Modest designs for the empowerment of "Being You".
048 - Classic Accessories 
049 - Captured Waters 
Captured Waters is home to Wall hanging and floor model waterfalls, Home and garden decor and now I'm creating poses, backdrops and whatever strikes my fancy. 
050 - Casa de Bebe 
Bebe Begonia
Home Furnishings, Including Antique, Vintage & Contemporary
051 - An Lema 
052 - Salome Design 

Ancient Buildings
053 - Dragonsworn 
Annakari Genesis (Annakari Dragonsworn)
Our sim contains some of everything, from full perm decor through motorcycles for traveling the highways. Even a new tattoo shop just moved in.
054 - ~XM~ Designs 
 XMarieX Fairport 
~ Poster is inside shop on Events wall to the East.
All proceeds help maintain a life saving Service Dog.  Thank you for YOUR help! 
055 - Cherry's Treasures 
056 - Jinxed Toys & Magic! 
 Magic items and fantasy designs for everyone to enjoy!
057 - COVETED! 
Tifridh Fallen (ЄҲƠƬƖƇƛ ҚИIǤҤŦ)
Gorean, Medieval & Fantasy Clothier
058 - Rose Your Life (RYL) 
Older section is the Photoshop. 
  You can always order photos of your party, wedding, nudes of u for lovepartner .........
 I also make Warpaints / Tattoos for Roleplay. I sell also fitting clothing for Mesh Bodies.
059 - Emerald Couture
Jiejie Emerald
~ poster is inside on center wall to the right
Emerald Couture embodies the essence of elegance and playful clothing. We specialize in mesh, combination, and applier clothing (Maitreya, Belleza, and Omega). If you are looking for casual or formal, we will have what you desire. For the highest quality and realistic beauty, look no further than Emerald Couture. All clothes designed by the talented jiejie emerald.
060 - Asian Tea House 
  Be sure to find your "I finished the Hunt" gifts  and vote for
        your five favorites.  You are encouraged to list those you feel deserves
an honorable mention as well.  As always, your comments are appreciated.

Visit here often as new submissions will be added as received.
  A giant thank you to all the merchants participating and their wonderful gifts. 
Your avid Silk Road traveler
                                                        Meadow Copperfield


Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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