We love that you're participating, we hope you'll love our hunt and our gifts. Some of you are seasoned veterans of other hunts and we know we're very tame compared to some of the ones out there. Whether you're an old hand or a new comer, it never hurts to refresh your memory about a few things here and there. Here's a few pieces of advice to help you along your way.

1. Arrival: When you TP in, stand still. Give it a minute to rez and do a slow spin around to locate that hunt sign and the item with the hint in it, we require them so you know where you're going.

2. Hint Blogs: Any site with hints up for this hunt isn't official, we don't want a hint blog. We want people to move their items as often as they see fit which is why they have an item to put their hint into for you to see. We also really don't like direct links to the hunt objects being handed out... it's called a "Hunt" not a "Here it is, Take it." (Any hint blogs that put up hints for this hunt will kindly be asked to remove it as we do require all merchants to use the hint giver they are given.)

3. Reporting Issues: If you find a place with no gift in the item, no hint out for hunters, you're unable to get to due to maturity rating, or has moved, please write it up in a Notecard and drop it on Isotope Steampunk, JoseDiego Silverspar, and/or Perryn Peterson. One of them will handle it. Please Do NOT contact shop owners directly.

4. Manners: Please be polite at all times, we are guests here at the hunt stops and we're getting items for free. We do understand that frustration comes with the territory but try to be nice, we'll be nice back, we promise. Please respect everyone participating:  designers, shop owners, other hunters.

5. Pace: Take your time, look around at the wonderful shops that are participating and what they offer while you're on the hunt. And sometimes when you're browsing their merchandise, you'll just magically happen upon their hunt gift.

6. Gift Locations: Do not, under any circumstances, give away the location of a hunt gift in open chat i.e. local chat (say, shout), group chat, so forth. Many merchants will move their item immediately and some have been known to ban the offenders without warnings and without asking them to stop.

7. Lag: Please keep your lag as low as possible whilst hunting; do not wear a lot of primmy items, scripts and items like bling, weapons and HUDs.  These items will slow things down for everyone.

8. Packages: If you open packages on anyone's sim, have the courtesy to delete said package or pick up your package before you leave.  All Gift Boxes should be clickable to place items directly into your inventory in folders.

This is by no means all the advice (or rules) we could give out and we may have forgotten something important but we've covered a lot. So when the hunt starts, just remember, we're all guests and it's all for fun.


Hunt Listings

Steam the Hunt
March 1-31st
(apps in January)

Silk Road Hunt
June 1st to 30th
(apps in April)

The Renaissance Hunt
September 1-30th
(apps in July)


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